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if you ask me which industry is the best way to improve the working methods and capabilities of career practitioners in the shortest possible time, I would like to start the marketing process. In fact, a lot of work in the advertising industry, workflow, ideas, methods, service awareness and operation, the Internet industry is very similar. So there are a lot of advertising friends to ask me, they are suitable for operations, I am very supportive.

I know the operation of the master, but also a lot of advertising industry background.

their thoughts, again before a collocation in the industry have the very system work skills, engaged in the operation is simply a tiger with wings added.

what are these very systematic work skills,


to write a variety of programs, the whole case; work flow chart, schedule; brainstorming skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, customer maintenance skills; there are a lot of creative methodology, copywriting methodology, including meeting skills and so on

they work with a solid ability and skills to reflect the beauty of the work, and even let me have a kind of want to go to the advertising industry for a few years, in order to polish and polish their ideas.

today so I write something, not professional, just a little bit of experience personally, and for many advertising industry practitioners and some program Daniel, I like it, the general pediatrics.

so if you already know how to write a good solution, click on the top right corner to do something useful.

if your current program writes pretty water, or even very confusing,


may wish to hear from me about.


before writing, and then pull, estimated that each engaged in the Internet people, secretly have an entrepreneurial dream.

I can’t say no, but to see even the government began to promote public entrepreneurship, national enthusiasm, even after 95 kinds of worthless, all out of business, looking for venture capital, I suddenly felt that things should not develop to the point.

when others are crazy, you must be more calm.

I keep reminding myself.

, plus a lot of books about business and business, I think more and more:

is not for everyone to start a business.


know how much I now venture no interest, but nothing was willing to listen to all kinds of Internet business talks, even if not to learn knowledge, at least it can increase for the understanding of the industry.


, Wu Zhiyong, a rich partner, heard a lecture that was fresh in his memory.

"As a VC, his team receives thousands of business plans every day," says

Wu Zhiyong. "There are many business plans written very thick."

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