Chinese practice of Fab flash purchase design at both ends of connection design

followed the footsteps of the United States electricity supplier predecessors, domestic design and creative products flash purchase mode, the electricity supplier is also able to achieve a commercial myth in China?

text / world network reporter Qi Yu

what is the Fab myth,


before June 2011, who also didn’t want to have this as the domain of American gay social networking site in SNS, shopping has to test the water business reviews, group purchase, suddenly changed direction, began to try public oriented design creative products purchase flash mode, and changed its name to

according to public information and media reports, users after the transformation of the number of dazzling speed accumulation, half a year, adding nearly one million users, and completed A, B two rounds of financing, a total of $47 million. In July 19th this year, C round of financing to obtain $105 million news, so that the Fab tide to an unprecedented heat.

in the increasingly cold electricity supplier financing environment, it has become a myth, but also heated the design class flash purchase model concept.

connections are designed at both ends of the

, on the eve of the Fab outbreak, entrepreneurs began trying to capture the opportunities for designer creative products online in china. At the beginning of 2011, Tan Kaiyi, who came from below the channel, began to prepare the B2C website of, a designer’s product pre order model.

and Guo Zhelin love design and Yang Guojing frequently visited the country around the designer shops, and from the beginning of May 2011, put their designs and ideas found recorded in little net blog, which is after the flash purchase mode of the B2C network ( website warm Island birth foreshadowed.

before the start, Tan Kaiyi in the curtain, women’s clothing industry multinational enterprises, during which access to many foreign designer brands. She found many, because optimistic Chinese opportunities come to the designer brand, because not familiar with the Chinese market suffered in Waterloo, continued to lose money.

brand to expand the line channels occupation experience, Tan Kaiyi of these designer brands more loaded with the dilemma. At the same time, she realized that the market gap means opportunity. She has been brewing in the starting point: for foreign designer brands to build a test of the domestic market temperature network platform, polymerization designers and creative products, "such a success rate will be higher than alone."".

in Tan Kaiyi explore creative products "B side" demand, Guo Zhelin and Yang Guojing felt the "C side" of the strong call. They gradually attracted more than 300 thousand readers through text, photography and sharing of designer achievements. How do you get more people to come into contact with excellent, unknown local design brands? The answers of these two girls are with Tan Kai

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