Try to stand and feel happy

did the station for 1 and a half years, so I understood what was called persistence:

daily manual update message more than 100, holidays without a break.

watches his website for more than 10 hours a day.

countless times a day site:

more than 10 times a day viewing access statistics, analyzing access from those places,


has made me a diligent person from a man who thinks he is intelligent and has some inertia.


on the IP website encouraged me and urged me to make more efforts to get more income.

I’ve come to realize that success comes with hard work, not by cleverness.

makes me a sharp, sensitive, or neurotic person. Stay away from TV, newspapers, magazines, useful information about the site.

has made me gain more knowledge by doing the station, and I know a lot about the information outside of my own profession in the daily contact with the information. As a webmaster, a forum administrator, a moderator, often to answer the consultation, in order to better for the users to provide information services, have to force myself to understand to related information, believe that after a period of time, I could become a grassroots expert.

is a tedious thing to do as a station, and especially updating websites has become a repetitive and mechanical work. But looking at the amount of visits increasing day by day, the website is like my child, growing slowly with meticulous care. I believe that I can do my best to achieve the ultimate goal of life – happiness,


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