Operators what are the capabilities of community managers

come to our operator forum for a week, read the experience of everyone to share, are very exciting, suddenly feel pressure mountain, ah, the need to learn things is really too much.

to tell the truth I really started to do community operations is half the time, remember when I first entered the company is to search engine optimization in identity, and later due to the excellent work, leadership and let me do open community operations, PS: when it comes to search engine optimization, the technology is also ranked in the industry the (ha ha, welcome you to harass me)

return to the point, I do not know much about the community, is the university will often go to Post Bar, so much, but I have a problem, do, or not do, do it best! On that day I was told I was responsible for community operations, the night went to the recruitment website for the more than 80 large community on community management requirements, the ability to find hope community managers need to have in common, in order to determine the target and route of their own.


saw it, I developed a rating

for community managers

1. lowest level: contact with fur, but because it will flicker (or will be fooled), the success of enterprise recruitment, but flicker can never be used for work.

2.: done in other industries, without a thorough understanding of the community, but experience allows his abilities to work.

3. proficiency: a thorough understanding of the community, able to use the team and their own ability to improve efficiency.

4. great God: for the community has its own unique thinking, has 1-3 years of community management practice experience, can put their ideas and practice and team ability integration.

yes, I’m going to be a great God. Now that the goal has been established, I’ll see what I should do. First of all, I need to know what specific skills I need to be a great God, and how far I can distance myself from these skills.

forum management skills:

1. optimize the moderator system, and establish relations with the webmaster! OMG, this is what I want to base


ha ha, I really do, because I know the moderators are a very important part of the community.

2. understands and builds a sound forum incentive mechanism,

I’m conscious, but with my current capabilities it’s really hard to build a system of incentives. Still need to continue to learn, improve, understand human nature!


3. strong writing skills,

this little meaning, when I was in college, but dedicated to the TX game to write the Raiders Oh, plus my optimization skills, as long as I want to write, I will be ranked first,


4. strong communication skills and team work spirit,

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