Webmaster how to make use of Baidu pictures earn traffic

built a beautiful picture station on May 18th, designed to include clean and tidy pictures of beautiful women. A web application is set up with SupeSite+Discuz, although the SupeSite optimization is not as good as dedecms, but the individual prefers SupeSite, perhaps because of more beautiful atmosphere, or personal website is the first contact.

don’t talk much about it. Let’s talk about the process this week.

was responsible for fixing templates and collecting data in the first few days. Web site data is part of the system acquisition, and some are manually added, produced some pseudo original. In addition, several large blog forum sent a few soft paper, and leave a link, to lead the crawler door. Two or three days later, Google included several pages, litters, this keyword often hovering between 2~5 bits, bringing little traffic. And Baidu this period of time to new sites have audit, about fifteen days or so, before you can release.

looked at the site from a brightly coloured beauty, no one felt sharing, it is a pity, so I think the two methods to guide flow.

The use of a large blog


approach is to apply for a blog on the station, with the popular keyword title, free to write the original article, first in connection with.

but because of a little lazy, and now Baidu blog collection is not so friendly, after a few of the post, gave up. The logs that have been sent now bring about a few hundred IP a day.

two is using Baidu space album

now Baidu is not so easy to include Baidu space article, but Baidu pictures of Baidu space album is very friendly, basically updated yesterday, tomorrow included, and the weight is quite high. So, he built a Baidu space, casually sent a few articles, and then in the album to establish a popular beauty star photo album. That would take two or three hours, but in just three days, Baidu’s space is already 40 thousand years old.

you say these traffic is only to the space, how to go to your website,


there are no two kinds of

used in this method

one is watermark on the picture, and the two is the link on the photo description (Baidu’s album description is only plain text).

, however, the average visitor ignores both. If you want to make better use of it, you’ll need to use special methods to attract attention. As for my approach, it is to put watermarks on the picture, write the temptation of advertising words. As for how content, not to say more, after all, each has his own way, try more, perhaps more effective.

is now at six in the evening, and the site IP is already in its early 6000, and is expected to exceed ten thousand today. Among them, the input site visitors accounted for 60%, there are about 4000, by Baidu search (Baidu has not included the site, so of course is search >!

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