Six major misunderstandings in the design of foreign trade websites

currently many enterprises want to carry out foreign trade business, after all, in the network of foreign trade business cost is very low, and many companies have chosen the building site to carry out foreign trade business, but according to industry trade website different there will be differences, many people just take some design website design website in China or overseas for reference. But the results of reference is often irrelevant, do not point, there is misunderstanding of foreign trade website, here we have to sum up foreign trade website most easily six errors into


1: English level of foreign trade website is poor,

a lot of people do foreign trade website mainly focused on advertising and mail system products, the content of the site is concerned enough, generally through the original translation tools Chinese meaning translation, but the translation tools are often the translation effect is very poor, it is easy to appear English jokes, which greatly reduce on our website customer trust, but will not think that our company is very professional, there is no way to provide a natural order for you


two: site open slow,

We should understand the foreign

speed is very fast, especially in Europe and other developed countries, as if to open our website like a snail in speed so fast under the premise of their nature, is intolerable, why did this happen? Many people mainly choose some cheap hosting space, time beginning may feel okay, but after a short time the opening speed will become slower, even can’t stand, it is generally purchased in the domestic IDC space, coupled with our country export bandwidth constraints, there is no way to improve our website access speed, the author suggested that if the foreign trade website. It is best to buy foreign website space


three: Web pages, pictures, flash, too many,

many people think our website must be very beautiful, so full of pictures, in order to make the website of the dazzling, also produced a lot of Flash, or even completely is to use the flash website, this website is not popular in foreign countries, on the one hand is to open slowly, they generally reduced to second the United States, so do foreign websites can not everything very compelling, sometimes simple is very important! Of course, if you do some perfume, clothing, jewelry and other luxury goods or if it can be appropriate to do a little, and set the relationship between the speed of

is good!

four: unable to interact effectively on the Internet,

The message board and the Advisory Board on foreign trade website

sometimes is a kind of decoration, although there is a foreigner in the above carefully fill in the form, but always no one to reply, this is mainly the website operation problems and design problems, when designing the message if the problem can be automatically sent to the company mailbox inside, may be able to get some reply, if I don’t often go to see the site, plus no >

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