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04 years, inadvertently exposed to a website webmaster, at that time he was the kind of free space after the template site program, send some pictures and articles in the above, then see. Oh, so please ask him how to do, so with his help to do the first station, from I do not play the game, when the legendary bubbles are very popular, so most of my effort to put in on the school website, no way I learn is not professional mold, website, and he asked what effect how, after 2 months of feeling can not be made I want to do well, then a ten year SFW website is love songs, so I put my lunch money out to buy a space and meters, made a same ten years site, plus Statistics, so every day is not how to go, every day to go to the website to look at the data, but found that fewer people visit the poor.

is found in time to what way to engage in the amount of Internet cafes and many people love to see the picture, and there was to be a picture of the idea at the time of the station, do not familiar with the ASP website, Download others to provide the entire station program to do, then inadvertently exposed PowerEasy, began to use a little animal easy, when is by their own efforts and credit PowerEasy forum every day, finally made a picture of the site, then do not know what the website Baidu included, do a period of time or not, think to technician in the following picture, then write their address, so my website IIS not enough, then the space is relatively expensive to buy more than 300 100M, IIS 50, a day in the statistics, Baidu also measured, from then on I began to pay attention to the website and contact Baidu, each Every day I go to Baidu to find more search keywords, the article engage with these key words, the audition is brought out, dance plug-in, I made a dance to external download keywords in Baidu home page, then the words every day brought 1500IP, a good day is not the long time, the meter is K, then they do not understand, in the Baidu search you m not received, don’t know is asked by K, it is difficult to hear about K in the way, as long as from buy a meter, no way to buy a new meter, may be his luck well, that is K meters in one month after being from the new collection.

From the location of

know Baidu keyword site is not clear, what are added, plug-in download ah, then QQ space, QQ space on the site and what code ah, anyway, what things are out of order, perhaps this is the so-called garbage station, feeling station fortunately garbage sleep, the highest one day can also engage in a more than 8 thousand IP a day, a more than 50, the time to go to school, the day 50 is also good, not love the total station of Baidu, at times by K, but that time will soon graduate no, 07 years after work, after work do not feel I think, this website, do not want to stand in the garbage, want to do a forum is better than a good many, finally decided to do is.

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