The government needs to build a website

Government Marriage and the Internet, using the Internet to display the image of the government, the government released the information, make management of concern to the people has become a consensus, become an indispensable step in the construction of modern government, the necessity of government website construction: the Internet has been popular for government services, into government administration and listen to public opinion, the government will do the duties of them, it has also become one of the most important modes of Internet development.

what is necessary to build government websites,


first of all, the government website construction is necessary for users to obtain the required government information, government website construction is to promote the objective requirements of government affairs. As a window for government affairs, government websites are the quickest way for the people to understand the government’s policies and dynamic information and to interact with the government. Through public information website, all kinds of laws and regulations, policies and measures and government related resources to realize the communication and timely reveal to the public, sharing, so that the government administrative behavior effectively placed under the supervision of the public, this is the same in our routine work implemented by the administrative information disclosure measures as are necessary to administration according to law.

second, the construction of government website is the intrinsic need to listen to public opinion, learn wisdom. The network has a characteristic, public and private nature of the combination here, modern society is based on the existence and development of personality, interaction, communication, instant "and other elements characterized by interpretation so we see the Internet is the most incisive, has increasingly become an important channel for the expression of public opinion, has become an important platform to explore the" authentic "voice of people the. However, a few local government departments are in some kind of misunderstanding, that is the construction site just stay in the level of unilateral will behavior published policies and regulations on its website tend to show the image, self promotion, this is clearly a misunderstanding. In fact, the public is not a purpose, open to accept supervision by the masses, is to obtain public feedback and echo, to realize the positive interaction between the government and the public, the Department of defense website you Chinese highest PV1.3 billion is a very good description of the necessity and the importance of the construction of government website.

again, the inevitable choice of government website construction and fulfill the responsibility of the government, improve administrative efficiency. As for any government under the rule of law, any public sphere can neither give up necessary supervision, nor refuse to provide due service. With the rapid increase in the number of Internet users, the Internet is no longer a patent for a small number of knowledge elites, but it is showing a trend of rapid popularization and popularization. In the past, people have to or can only get access to government information through door calls and hotline calls. Now they only need to search in the relevant government websites to solve them. The rapid, convenient, transparent and accurate characteristics of e-government have dwarfed some traditional administrative measures.

government website construction can also quickly establish a government image,

today, the Internet has become synonymous with high technology and future life

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