Network cold how to operate the site


network is to rectify with vigour and vitality, did not know that this reorganization would later bring what changes in the Internet, for now, has brought no small impact on many owners and companies, it is a network for rectification, as it is a test of the webmaster, through this the exam, you should know your website stationmaster’s strengths and weaknesses, but also know what is the foothold of this website.

below is my point of view of the operation of the website, only personal opinions, for reference only.

content is the survival of the site,

I’m afraid everyone knows why there are so many people to mention it, because some owners don’t know better how to do their own content, but in others, others according to the pattern of doing. In fact, each website has its own characteristics and direction, the webmaster must set the contents according to the characteristics and direction of their website, the content should be closely around your theme and keywords, so SEO is actually doing, there is increased attention to the content of the original, not every day, the original, a week 1-3 article can however, attention should be paid to the quality of the article, have their own point of view, don’t try to content and other similar sites, in short to allow customers to absorb nutrition in you, so he will come to you, because you have what he wants from east to west.

two promotion method is not much, lies in fine

because now we are talking about how to promote, make it seem like become the focus of the web site, have the big meaning, actually promotion is only a part of the website operation, such as your site when visibility to a certain level, you do not have the promotion, they themselves come to you, so to promote the main method is determined according to the style of the website and the situation, determine the future will insist on doing it, even to the effect is not good, if you believe that it is suitable for the site, it will continue to do so, guizaijianchi.

three let the search engine take the initiative to find you,

now do webmaster, a few do not know SEO, some people feel good SEO is equal to do promotion, in fact, that is one-sided. From this network rectification can be seen, SEO is not a panacea, those who pay attention to the optimization of the website, many of them suffer, search engines love more love the original, authentic and natural content, search engine to whom the service, not the people? So people love, is the only search if you love the engine, the website for the search engine to find you, collected a lot, then you will be successful.

After this time,

network consolidation, we should master a lot more mature, also see a lot of things, people can withstand strong wind and big waves, the last laugh, wish you a webmaster to cross this hurdle, there is success place. Also hope to become friends with you! When you are free, please welcome to my website. Please indicate the source. The website is www.huiyi>

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