The network keeps my heart

these days, always stay in ADMIN5, see the essay today, Jiujin emboldened to write personal career network


Preface: I hate reading. I hate studying. I like freedom, but I haven’t been free.

number 1: understanding the Internet

in 2001, high school graduation, because I hate learning, failed to go to high school, but through the introduction of relatives, I chose the more popular professional, learning computer network!


school days is 01 years dull as ditch water, the basic technical secondary school, more than a year can do have computer classes, then slowly chose the cafe, in the second year of learning web, I love the site at that time, feeling that looked at a lot of people beautiful effects. "Very happy, remember the first time to apply for a space in Zibo harbor, the others" it changed a few words, that let me show off a few days, so I often soak in the cafe, I see other people play "those things, now I do not love to play game. I graduated from college.

second: initial entry into society

2004, for some reason I can’t engage in network, it is not in the students dream factory work, in their view, Foxconn and other big companies they can work there is a very good thing, but I don’t think so, I don’t love, I don’t love it, I chose to exercise. A person with the company personnel to the northeast, began a year long drug sales work, in this year, I learned a lot, although it is in the sale of drugs, but I still love heart of the construction site, but you know, I don’t want to mention education, ability is not, if made your network that is not possible, do not understand programming, only one or two pages, only once, at work because there are also some spare time, I went to Internet cafes for a time, or see some code, a Some websites, so I decided to leave that company and go back to Henan,


third: select network

in 2005, I came back in several companies didn’t work for several months, a fortuitous opportunity to know such a person! I know CMS station began to enter the role, I began to dream, looking at a CMS tutorial, learn to learn, because there is no computer in the Internet bar, in the Internet website, and later bought the space, or in Internet cafes built the first page of this website for free sky base I run so far, but now the theme for CMS, driven easily replaced by DEDE, the past few years I paid a lot. I did it because I didn’t like it.

fourth: topic

built the first site is QQ theme class station, later had a family, but not a long time not to the theme style changed, changed the sky free base, began to understand, I asked the others, but no one ignored, since.

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