Talking about several profit models of software download station

Hello, the last write two articles, about 06 years of experience in 07 years < years to earn twenty thousand yuan; let me join the ranks of webmaster > < year earned twenty thousand yuan for me to join the ranks of owners (two), once again I write about a software download site in 08 years some of the


in the 08 years after I began to engage in software download sites, 07 years to engage in a data download site, found that there are still profitable, before the program was purchased by Taobao, I found that now do not have to buy a new program, there are a lot of open source program, the program is free you need to use the simple understanding of HTML code can be used for this, I understand ASP code more easily, I analyzed, then a new open-source cloud, Empire like, download the comparative advantage of the program, then I chose a new cloud program, asp+mssql program, and then to engage in a software download sites, software for their own businesses upload to my software download sites, the content of the website provides businesses is still relatively active, this time I did not worry about the content That is, the promotion problem can not be strong.

that time I met a friend in the Hua Jun software, then thanks the friend gave me some good advice, a lot of problems on the server and so on are the friends eager to help answer, and I share the experience more download sites.

, let me talk about the profit model of the software download station,

1 is the first web advertising, we also know how to make a CPC, CPM and so on, this not what to say, to take the advertising code, or connect with other temporary advertising, you can get free server support.

2 VIP members, because some simple software, there are still a lot of people to compete in this market, so VIP members give more humane services, there are some recommended and preferred permissions, you can according to the software businesses to negotiate and go.

3 software download bag, put an advertisement page, which can put the shortcut of the site navigation, navigation and business talk, of course, the price according to the IP flow and the quality of your download decision, the It differs from man to man.

4 I found 10 download sites in 8 download sites could not remember the download button, the download link, many people mistakenly download, download other software on the installation, such an installation is at least 1 yuan, 1 days have 200 error now, there are 100 confused installed, then you have income of 100 yuan for 1 days, most of the download station is like this, no way. Understand yourself,


5 new cloud download program is to support the Express advertising alliance, thunder advertising alliance of a very good program, you can automatically click settings in the background >

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