Old webmaster xrnic talk about the meaning and development of grassroots webmaster

"webmaster" is popular in 2006, representing 70, 80, 90 after a group of people love the Internet business, they are very simple, low-key, dedication, love the network, not arrogant, happy, proud; they know their excellent vision than others wide stage than others; they are with a strong cohesion, independence and creativity of a group of people, they created a legendary Internet with their own actions.

grassroots webmaster and the right to have no money, no money, high status does not matter. It embodies two characteristics:

a tenacious. Should represent a "wild fire, in spring" vitality; the failure will stand up again, some grassroots still tenacious efforts after countless failures struggle with, because there is a belief in support, insist on is victory.

two extensive. Over every nook and corner. AFX CNNIC research report shows that in 2008 the number China website has reached 1 million 919 thousand, in 2009 the number of Chinese website preliminary estimate of over 2 million 800 thousand, the website owners all over the world, there are hundreds of thousands of stationmaster of a lot of traffic we don’t know what his name is? So, not on every 2 points still on the computer keyboard at dead of night keep updating the site owners, or blogging every day bloggers are grassroots, grassroots webmaster can be called.

because of the Internet in the rapid development of China, just a few years time will increase millions of websites, with the continuous growth of the Internet industry into the crowd, in the Internet sector is showing a grass-roots culture (grass-rooted Culture), he can express is a kind of non mainstream, non orthodox and non professional or lovers, even from a purely Internet hobby group, this group is the grassroots webmaster.

grassroots webmaster have a common problem is the independence is too strong, most people love alone, the lack of the spirit of cooperation, in fact, grassroots advocacy is the spirit of sharing, cooperation, development, the overweening attitude is not suitable for on the internet. We need to grow up, you need to understand the meaning of the grassroots, the grassroots need to share, to bring flow through share, create website value, such as the old station xrnic station grassroots community resource sharing blog (www.xrnic.cn/cms) through the sharing of knowledge, the establishment of website building experience, has won many webmaster friends support, particularly helpful to new grassroots webmaster. Practice has proved that the more sharing, the greater the flow, the higher the value of the website. Therefore, the old webmaster xrnic analysis: Grassroots webmaster after the development trend is: sharing, innovation, communication, cooperation, go alone mode has been unable to keep up with the pace of the times. At present many famous websites at the beginning of the establishment of the website is in development to a certain height will not stop before, even can not find the direction of development, and then through financing, cooperation, the establishment of team after the website is developing rapidly, the grassroots to.

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