The secret of success for a rookie webmaster

fast, fast update, fast response,

web sites are unlimited, and the speed of sharing and spreading is the key to influencing user experience and impressions. Go to the Internet to see at most of the information and related topics, so a class website update speed cumulative users and more attention. Fast response to unexpected events, as well as website user functionality, design execution faster, by grasping the needs of users to improve the stickiness and reputation of the site.

many, rare resources, more professional resources,

network content a big copy, you have, I have, where we all can see the content, just look at the user’s mood. And grasp the rare resources, users want to get content knowledge, only to your website to see the webmaster’s mood, although we can not do so, but it is so. When you are not spoiled users, but users spoil you. Many professional resources to enhance the image and position of the website in the minds of users, professional authority to publish and explore. This is the kingly way.

good, users experience good content, easy to find

in the interface arrangement and layout, advertising interspersed into user experience allows users to easily find their own content, there also have new features and channels to guide the website and marketing not only from the corresponding position of development.

successful websites are often extravagant for losers, but not for successful webmasters. Do stand, do web site, just like a man, attitude, attitude determines success or failure. The same direction of the site and conditions, with different people to do, there will be different results.

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