How can a small network company survive and grow

is a city, not a large market, but with a lot of city network company, are small scale, but also a maximum of 30 people, the main business model is the proxy IT network products, services, IT outsourcing and operating their own regional websites, such as Shanghai Xuan Network Technology Co. the company is mainly engaged in enterprise network building, network security, computer software and hardware configuration, maintenance of enterprise website construction planning and maintenance, at the same time they also sales agent of all kinds of IT devices (workstations, servers, personal computer, printer, copier, fax machine and other office supplies). Almost all Internet companies thinking all is the same, we are doing, are robbed this only and not good eating meat, there are many small studios and individuals in the snatch, disrupting the market, some people even 50 dollars can do the design of a web page, and those to one percent or even less than one percent of the profits to grab, remove the labor costs are still losing money, or to do so, showing how the market is chaos.

small network company in the face of the environment how to survive and how to develop it? The best way where it? Personally, small network company is the best way to new opportunities, but do not focus on the well-known products has been known to every family, because the product has entered into pure business the level of competition, you have no strength, no brand, it is best to avoid, can fight a little bit, new opportunities are often new to grasp the trend of the Internet now cause more and more mature, Shanghai Ling Xuan network was proposed by using its own abundant information resources, successful information channels and strong marketing force for business planning design of enterprise website, and provide e-commerce services of high quality and multi levels, and for your customized high quality and efficient and fast paperless enterprise OA In the office, the public is proposed on the basis of flexible IT outsourcing services, and undertake all kinds of weak current system integration and installation (including network cabling, PBX system, conference system, alarm monitoring system, access control, attendance system, public broadcasting system). Want to develop, must see oneself advantage in where, so that the best, fastest way to find out, to the best extent to grasp the customer.

wants to find a way of development is not enough, must put yourself out, in order to better development, it is the key to promotion, only out of the promotion, to develop, how to promote the network company? A little here, the network company promotion has an important point, the network company name with the network service, so there is a "network promotion" term here is the use of the Internet to promote their own company, how to use the Internet to promote his own.

          first of all to establish a site of their own, there is a company with their own domain name, site force has a good article, web design should be beautiful and generous, must include the company

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