Huang Qiang soft Wen advertisement everywhere the power is infinite

well-known SEO experts, soft Wen promotion novice, Huang Qiang is glad to participate in the soft Wen University’s first experimental class training, here in the first class let me have a more correct new understanding of the soft. Through the soft text of the new understanding, now understand the network so much information, content, which basically each implanted advertising, just ordinary people don’t know, often also add fuel to the flames. Soft Wen "advertisement" really is everywhere, the power is infinite.

1, what is the soft text in my eyes:

before: soft Wen is advertising.

: now is soft in order to achieve the promotion of their products, such as enterprises or the creation of news, stories, technical analysis and other types of articles, will promote the goal as elements or role implant article, causing the user to read at the same time on the role we embed (self, product, enterprise attention).

2, why write soft Wen, I understand:

as a promotional tool: soft, low cost, wide spread and lasting influence; it is easier to build soft expert status, easier to build brands, more easy, cause the user’s collection, sharing, reprint spread passive promotion.

3, I learned how to write the soft text, how to use:

from the soft object of application, mainly individuals (themselves), products, enterprises; from the characteristics of human nature, people only like to care about, care about themselves, are selfish, like to follow the trend, watch the fun. In view of this, soft Wen can write so, so use:

1) according to the promotion of objects, create stories, the promotional objects as a role in which


2) creating news, drawing attention and discussion, and reprinting and propagating;

3) organize, create and report authoritative reports and share them with related industry websites;

4) a response to reader needs and help with problem solving;

5) for the promotion objectives, the establishment of a series of articles related to the theme, serial sharing;

6) and the application, in the target readers may appear on the platform, a large area coverage, the wider the better.

in the classroom when listening to share, very excited, but after school, feeling memory is fragmented, and this also once proved soft, need practice practice, write more; just listen, very easy, one-sided, limitations.

remember this for a while, and look forward to a more systematic and comprehensive study.

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