Garbage station also need to persist adhere to the final victory

to tell you the truth from the finish of this title, I feel a little big hat, ashamed to say that I is the main station, the difficulties I just want to say I do stand since the encounter, how to step by step to go up to now, although not a big success, but for the novice webmaster may some help. Or the old rules to introduce myself, I graduated from Shenyang Aerospace University in 2007 and the Department of art and design professional graphic, my major so I have a hobby only in web design, always want to open their own piece of heaven and earth on the internet. Third chance, I learned some rudiments of website in my classmate’s boyfriend, and started my website construction.

at first, it was just a hobby. It was a little bit of work done from the website. Including web page design, architecture, as well as information input…… Because they do not understand the program, the original web site is all static pages, every page is very tired. Now think about how good it would have been to have a website management system (CMS). I remember my first stop, it is some of their design work, the domain name is very long, so there was still an entry-level player, what all don’t understand, do not know the importance of domain name length on the website, up domain names are their own wishful thinking. But not all of the long domain names are not good for the website. In the following article, I’ll talk about the benefits of a phonetic domain name for website optimization.

In 2007

, a senior graduating I went back to my hometown in Dalian, wanted to take root here, I can say that the opportunity is very good, voted 3 resumes, a few days later he received the interview notice soufangwang. For let me do something every 1 days notice of me next week to go to work, the probation period 800, five social insurance and one housing fund. Still passable, anyhow is foreign company too. It can be said that in Soufangwang I really exercise their own, website optimization, website promotion, website operation,…… In fact, these things on the Internet there are many articles in these, but for those who have no experience of the webmaster can be said to be empty talk, real practice to know the truth, this sentence is not wrong.

can’t be satisfied by simply relying on that little salary. And the city of Dalian is high prices, low wages, this is the All the world knows. No private work, that’s P, and of course, unless those boss, a few hundred thousand a year annual salary, do not count on this extra income…… I found the wages of the housing is not high, 3000 yuan a month to get money, to remove the monthly 2000 yuan of mortgage, nearly 1000 yuan of credit card minimum repayment, I went to live very hard to say…… For a long time I did not give the wife to buy YY, ashamed ah, and the cup is home recently, and another child, but also to earn milk money, diapers, you know why I said a cup, ha ha. These are good things.

well, talk less, talk about my website, for this purpose

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