Chen Zhongping how does individual stationmaster face this rectify a crisis

Chen Zhongping in pushing a reply to other people’s problems, often heard a friend website was closed news, that is to now, and friends of the site can not be used normally. Not only have our friends’ websites been suspended, but we have been suspended for a few days.

at that time many friends said that their website server port was closed, the data can not be backed up. I was surprised, because our push was still open. Later on, no, a push was suspended, Jiang Likun, Peng Hongwei, Mou Changqing and other blog also suspended, A5, outdated and other websites are suspended. Ask the reason, that is, some small websites violations have bad information, all of the web site closed, checked, qualified after opening.

we also understand that the country is to maintain the normal order of the Internet, to remove the illegal information, but such a "broad brush" approach, so that many legitimate webmasters do not adhere to, because the site is to be continuous, closed a few days to bring great losses in the webmaster. I know Hu the website was shut down four times, and finally had to change a server.

in this environment, we these webmaster to do is calm, to change a way of thinking, it is when the Internet gave us a setback education.

usually when we do web sites, we often feel that we don’t know what to do better, because we haven’t done anything new yet, and we feel that our ability has also been used in the extreme. But this time the site was closed, many sites will cherish their own website, try to go to their website to resume operations, also do their own websites, want their website to become bigger and stronger, to strengthen the anti risk ability of website. Chen Zhongping thinks the website closes to the potential of stationmaster.

in the past when there is no rectification of the Internet, some big webmaster is very arrogant, feel great, fearless. The rectification storm, making some sites, including the largest video download site BTCHINA has been closed, also let some proud owners, set aside, with a modest attitude to others for help, and a correct understanding of their ability to exclude their own pride emotions, arrogance, to achieve even greater progress.

website closed storm, but also exercise their adaptive ability. Remember a good friend told Chen Zhongping that society will not adapt to us, we can only adapt to society. We should also adapt ourselves to the environment. When we meet setbacks and difficulties, we should try our best to solve them. If we can’t solve them, then we can only adapt to them.

this site renovation activities, for the impact of the site is very big, but we change the angle to consider, to analyze the advantages, is to make yourself close to success. Chen Zhongping believes that the reorganization of the site activities, but also an opportunity, after setbacks, education station owners will re examine themselves, to choose a more suitable for their own road, to obtain personal success

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