Do webmaster more than a year of uneven road and experience

This is the first

personal stations in more than a year, said the wrong please mercy, most people do the purpose of the station is probably in order to make money, but I do at the station is just a hobby, never thought it would bring some economic benefits to my /p>! "

initially do the idea of standing still came in July of last year, that is I built a blog circle in the NetEase, I work hard every day in the business circles, published the paste, marking each circle of friends carefully push the log and photo album. Circle in the home page is recommended to NetEase for several times, so in a month’s time, the number of friends in the circle to around forty thousand, a person operating them is quite difficult, we built a QQ group to recruit some of the same love blog circle of friends do some administrators management when they chat! They encouraged me to build a website, you also think about is the time to build a website. Collect some of the station, spent hundreds of ocean domain names registered to buy space first website "My Star Entertainment Network" was born, it is the so-called SEO or PR don’t really know what, every day is to collect relevant content to the web is indifferent to your site and the traffic situation! When chatting by several times and find me for the link friends, learn a lot about the website data, know what is SEO, what is PR, how to improve the PR.. And so on! I am very grateful to him! I check to know the station PR is 3, IP is already about 2000! Now think of more than a month’s time to do it really is very good, now think in a short time out is basically impossible! After several advertising companies take the initiative to contact me to him. Their prices are thousands of fast! It was my bad music for a while! Really did not expect to earn money! But when the end of the beginning of a large number of domestic good times don’t last long blocked website! My entertainment station hanging on "vulgar content" hat and be ruthless to click! Luckily the new year is coming, the heart is not bad long….

Back to the site after

years, I still don’t want to give up, but also to luck! He opened second websites "PC alliance", but now the site has some understanding, when to update the site is not the first time so diligent! Think of sluffing, but these small clever to the search engine that is a pediatrician, included in the site is not good traffic is not large, but also to catch up with the record storm! My station is not to be able to do, don’t talk to him this attempt failed! Also read a lot about the establishment of the information, A5 also played a roll for a long time think of this website, not everyone can do, not everyone can do, my first small harvest may just be a coincidence! So long after I have no concern in the website, can Girlfriend is not able to bear to see me, so give up, after all, the site has also invested a lot of energy, coupled with the interest of the site has not been lost, and finally I chose to open another site, this time!

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