From the Shanghai community to see why local portals become venture capital battleground

‘s recent internet capital operations have intensified, reaching the climax of the 2008 economic crisis, and may even surpass the peak of the 2008. For a time, Dangdang, Youku, Mcglaughlin have listed. Earlier this year, PPLIVE announced $250 million in financing. More than Youku and other companies listed on the financing amount. We are not from the excitement out of Ku6 announced $one hundred million financing, interrupted by Qihoo 360 listed in the u.s.. And the share price is even more than the Sohu, which amounts to $34. Insight into the success of these companies, almost no experience has been built for many years to success.

from last year to this year, the amount of hot group buying is amazing. Handle, the U.S. group, 24 coupons, glutinous rice, sold out to carry heavily into many more Internet group purchase, veteran QQ group, public comment group, Sohu, Tencent, joint venture to build the group more Gao Peng group. Also invested heavily in buying brand. It can be seen that the Internet market is not short of funds, the lack of investors can see the future and future projects.

local portal community just meets the needs of investors for the future and the future, of course not, so the local gateway can meet the needs of investors. First of all, the choice of places, this is extremely important, if the place is too small, even if you can do all the industry well, then a year’s earnings will not be too high, but also easy to saturation, profit growth is extremely limited space. The choice of a deputy provincial capital city in the eastern coastal provinces (Qingdao, Suzhou, the city of Ningbo, Xiamen) if the small city is again good also is the about 10000000 profit in a year, and now has such success stories. These about 10000000, almost all sectors covered, the growth of the site has reached the ceiling. If investors invest heavily, they will not be able to quit. Of course, if not to find investment, even if it is a provinces in the eastern part of the town or city middle western provinces, also can let the webmaster portal day rash and too much in haste.

can not only make the local portal website has unlimited growth space and make venture capital investment to most willing to the best choice, is the capital city (Guangzhou, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Shenyang, Ji’nan, Taiyuan and so on) as Shanghai community ( general manager Pan Hongying said, almost every month, come to talk about the investment of venture capital things. One is that these investors saw the impact of the Shanghai community in Shanghai, Shanghai deserved the first local portal. At the same time, they pay more attention to the unlimited growth of Shanghai market space. Even Hangzhou, Ningbo and so on the city’s local gateway, you can do billions of dollars a year income. Shanghai is China’s first metropolis, an international metropolis, the world’s financial, trade and shipping center in the future. The headquarters of the world’s top 500 companies and the world’s leading companies, and even the Asia Pacific headquarters, are comparable to other cities in china. Shanghai generates perhaps 10 times, 20 times as much as the cities.

is for local disputes among sects > Internet next

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