Gu Nine capitalized reading 100 thousand WeChat article cheats

students, you will often see some WeChat article reading amount is 100 thousand +. So how do these articles achieve this effect? Here’s a list of nine capitalized reading 100 thousand + articles:

1 brightness: the title title is an article entrance, not only the public number, small series of traditional portals and newspapers also often do this without integrity: the title of the party. No way, readers are desperate love very fast gunmen, 3 seconds, and then know the small series match up, exactly what he wants. For a 100 thousand + WeChat article title brightness contribution rate in 16%, is said to write the title with 10 tips, reasons of space being disclosed, in short, the title must let readers have "love at first sight" feeling, otherwise it is a failure!

2: the content of freshness remember, nature of the media subscription number, since the media should be like news with freshness, there are a lot of friends from the media questioned the play to grasp the hot wind, too impetuous, actually this kind of question is the lack of common sense reflected, since the media and readers have the original desire a new, fresh, and even to ensure that the contents of first-hand information, is an important factor to write 100 thousand + reading, according to my estimate, the contribution rate of about 7%. Moreover, if you carefully judge Sogou WeChat menu article, you will find that often popular articles on the topic of about 10 types, this test is your basic skills.

3: viscosity no way, the reader is lazy, we love to see pictures rather than read several times, figurative things are easy to spread, so you don’t like me, a picture, codeword low immunity, it spread. It is illustrated in order to optimize the reading experience, allowing users to receive information at a glance, if a graphic upgraded mood, let the eye, joy, playful tumbled emotions into them, its viscosity will be more attractive, this is the operation details, since that figure, the viscosity to write a 100 thousand + the contribution rate 2%, conservative.

4: the degree of social impact, in fact, this move with the content of freshness somewhat coincidence, but different angles. To understand a little bit of social communication that people understand, before making a case, the primary consideration is the mainstream of social emotional moment is what does not fit the emotional background qualify and mass communication, this is almost the rule. We write a 100 thousand + article, the purpose is not to pursue but to positive figures with no reality whatever, through the social public opinion aroused, effectively solve the public problem, which you see "under the dome" come! The social impact on the 100 thousand + contribution rate is 14%, a little higher


5: point peak, playing the media is an eye economy, in addition to looking forward to the content of the blow, but also know how to accurately serve the user at the right time in front of. The principle of "time, geography, people, and people" is equally effective in public operation

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