A step by step on the website

(1) demand creates value, and value leads the future.

, whether it is Web1.0 or the Internet, now hot SNS, Web2.0, etc., are to meet, create, and guide user demand based. Create content while analyzing and predicting user habits, to meet user needs, in order to increase the amount of users.

SNS is the current situation, separatist warlords, former wolf tiger, how many, the company fought into the SNS, hoping to get a spoonful of soup.SNS is not very clear profit model, the Facebook, and so on. Everyone thinks that as long as there is a large number of users, traffic can create value. But not all owners to get a large number of users.

personal view: SNS can do, can only do the overlord, can not do overlord, from the industry, regional start, bigger and stronger. Keywords: webmaster SNS, teacher SNS, so and so industry sns.

SNS is the need for a large number of capital and brand operations, not small and medium owners can easily cut the scope of.

operation three steps song: 1 in the same industry website, BBS, put a lot of advertising, soft text propaganda, QQ group, BBS Guide (to build early users)

2 gradually establish and acquire all kinds of industry websites, integration, channel, detail guidance. (improve stable users)

3 lectures, events, training, job fairs, etc. (brand influences users)

, a finely differentiated SNS, is inherently a profitable.

, for example: Liu Ren predecessors do 5gsns, for the webmaster, the webmaster need to exchange, learning, to build their own geographical and industry, network.

asked questions, prawns, no time for you, strangers ignore you, with the industry friends, it is possible to help you.

buy and sell things, you don’t trust friends, who do you trust,


recruitment webmaster, technician, designer, editor, you do not look in the SNS industry, to find that? Here are familiar with peers, friends. Are the same background. Only friends can provide more information in the same industry, in order to give you more opportunities to.

webmaster SNS extensions: webmaster training, IDC servers, computers, programs, affiliate ads, Adsense recruitment, job hunting, etc.. That doesn’t create profits?

profitable, early advertising can only be done, and gradually extended to IDC, e-commerce, headhunting, training, etc. dig deep profit point. Network mode plus traditional mode can play the biggest effect.

other finely differentiated SNS, the direction principle is approximately the same,.

The essence of

network is the process of information dissemination. At present, China’s Internet Entertainment based, in the future development, the site will be functional, instrumental development, with practicality as the dominant.

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