A5 source code 2017 June source code update recommended

blink of an eye, 2017 is already about half of this month, A5 Xiaobian will again recommend you 10 popular welcome source system in this station, and I hope to help you!


A5 source station is A5 webmaster web site source code and webmaster tools download base, our core goal is to provide the best, the most abundant source code and the most practical, the most abundant webmaster tools.

ASP, chapter

1.Shop7z online shopping system popular edition

, the first to recommend to you is a professional ASP online shop platform software – Shop7z online shopping system. Shop7z online shopping system has been devoted to the related services of enterprise Internet applications. Concise and clear, light body, fast running, high cost performance is its outstanding advantage!


Shop7z mall system is powerful, support a variety of online payment interface, multi commodity classification function, the functions of classification of goods display mode etc, also includes a variety of different shopping system version, such as fashion edition, ultimate, Extreme Edition, multi user version, hand machine version and so on, support PC computer version + mobile phone version of +APP a one-stop, data update, is the best choice for the enterprise and personal online shop of


details and latest edition download address: http://s.down.admin5.com/asp/132404.html

2. Ning Zhong primary and secondary school website management system

Ning school website management system is a design oriented education of middle and primary schools of information web site management system, the system not only can rapid opening of PC station, WAP station, mobile phone terminal, micro-blog WeChat terminal integration, also has many function modules in site management, user management, content management, database management, online registration and management the site log management, easy to achieve safe and stable, beautiful and practical, easy to operate educational institutions design information website management.

Nanjing Primary and secondary school website management system version of the latest updates, mainly for the front template, new design, registration system updates more concise and background removal of excess parts of three aspects.

details and latest edition download address: http://s.down.admin5.com/asp/75423.html

3 thousand Bo Html5 enterprise brand official website system

The next

will introduce is 1000 Bo Html5 brand website system, this is a development with asp+access HTML5 adaptive corporate website source code, this system based on the original HTML5 1000 Bo Bo thousands of CMS strong adaptive template collocation kernel driver, easy to use SEO to realize the optimization of the background operation, the program more robust, kernel safer and more reliable and more professional. Design unique, let the customer gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory.

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