From the sunny girl exposed to talk about the essential condition of webmaster speculation

Look at the

A5 article, "a sunny girl exposure of the truth Tencent company hype artist" article Yang into view. The article is long. Illustrations are in place, a few look good, not to read from the breath, it is because of "sunny girl" speculation the truth of the incident was brought to light, cannot continue to hype. To celebrate the criticism of culture media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and the famous

company Tencent QQ!

today’s discussion is not "perfume girl" (Wang Tingting) the sad road of life or culture media criticism celebrate or there is a violation of occupation morals of the Tencent, but would like to say, standing on a point of view of the webmaster should think from this event that the hype, hype website. Successful websites don’t depend on successful hype, rather than relying on search to bring poor traffic to you. Successful speculation, in the search world, you are king, the strong, search will rely on you in turn, because you have mastered a lot of resources, a large number of traffic.

then, the webmaster want to hype what conditions must be necessary, from this event we can see, day, location, people and the same can not be less. The whole event if there is no Tencent and information times involved, even celebrate the hype gimmick again brilliant, it will not cause such a big impact in the period of time. Speculation must first clear the purpose of their speculation. It is said to a website traffic, or in order to develop the site for a long time, to the site to bring strong vitality, if it is the latter to the hype events degree of certainty, or even a few days to your website in the Internet industry speculation raged, if not so people who want to get what they want, then your site heat is just a short moment, so that Yang speculation is not successful, although the increase site exposure, but the exposure has two points, one is a good exposure, two exposure is bad.

stands at the station’s point of view. To consider the site’s hype, can not be to increase their own sites, increase exposure in a particular crowd, and then seize these events from the flow, and then converted to long-term and stable reputation flow. The last step is the conversion of interest and money. A happy net application can be said to have reached a high level is.

Here is a summary of the

, Adsense to speculation, in addition to a good subject of speculation and script, the most important thing is to have with the network media and a strong recommendation, without such a strong platform for cooperation and support, personal webmaster difficult speculation success. (text / heartbreak starter A5, please specify

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