From the SP to the game what is the path to the transformation of the air network

time flies, "mobile network" has become a label era, and once again talked about the "Monternet", we will only boo in time to hurry, we have not really recognize it when it is gone. However, in that particular era, Monternet not only deepen the understanding of the mobile network, it is created a number of his company, the air network appeared in the industry. Founded in 2002, the air network is based on (Cai Xin), WAP (mobile Internet), JAVA (mobile games) and other main business. Two years after the company’s development, the NASDAQ listed in the United States, Saipan system in the mainstream of the times, mobile phone side of the game has become a prototype of today’s mobile games".

with the development of Internet and mobile Internet, the air network "complacent" opened up the transformation journey. 2009 has acquired a new thermal Technology Co., Mobile Games developers and Da Cheng Network Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the network"), the air network transition from the SP to the main business to business oriented network game. Today, the air network has created a "military Wu ecology" corporate culture, and become an important part of its layout "Pan entertainment" industry.

behind the transformation of the air network, Wang Leilei is the head of the hand "planning", it can be said that without Wang Leilei, there is no air network now. Because of the origin of revolutionary families, Wang Leilei has a "military complex" which is difficult to give up". That’s true. In 2010, he saw the world of the tank for the first time and signed the agency. It only took 30 minutes. In the eyes of outsiders, with just 30 minutes to sign a game is simply in the "gambling", and Wang Leilei has called it "feelings."". "Tank world" is in such a "mood" into the eyes of people, from the subsequent data show that this game has become the key to open the road to the transformation of the air network. However, in the transformation of the air network, the road is not smooth sailing, and the joy and sadness of this, only the air people can deeply understand.


online game "war trilogy" into the key to the transformation of the air network

in the air network 2009 acquisition of Dacheng network, the air network began to enter the Internet game market, and try to cross platform mobile phone game and Internet game fusion strategy, to create a "new business game + mobile phone game" Internet mode, and in the same year operation of the first online "dragon OL", since then, the company launched the flag is adapted by the famous novel network game "evil principle", it can be said that the two games for the air network in the gaming industry laid the foundation, but the real driving air network comprehensive transformation is another game.

2010, the air network officially announced by the Belarus Development Agency produced the PC online games "world of tanks", 2011 opened a "world of tanks" serving the country side, and in April 2012, more than 20 million of this highly respected global network game player.

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