Live bar domain name theft alert webmaster protect their own domain name


April 1st, as usual, log in live, check the timing of the game and live media. However, there is something wrong with the page, the game is not updated enough time, not to mention, but also a little more advertising. Of course, these ads are what type of football site understanding of webmaster friends will know. At first, just live it in order to reduce costs, Shajiquluan, but later access to the forum found that when the data is cleared, the management team also changed people. Right now, I’m not too sure about it, because this day is too special, I think it’s live. The management team is playing a joke with the fans.

until later, in the Baidu post bar to see, there are friends say, live domain name theft, has enabled the new domain name As a webmaster, instinctively opening a link to see what actually happened.

sure enough, the red letter on the front page reads: "solemnly declare that the original page domain name is stolen.". New domain name, forum data intact. Only then did I realize that although the date was April 1st, it was not a joke. Nature also explained the COM domain name under a lot of edge ads and empty BBS data. Later into the "live broadcast" forum, the management team has called the police and gathered information about hackers.

has been done in the past more than 20 days, but this article until today to write, the first is to see live it will recover stolen domain name is uncertain, second is not the other. In these more than 20 days, in a few big Adsense website, did not find too many related content, to see a lot of discussion of domain name theft live in many professional domain forum, also involves how to protect their own domain name.

to know, domain name and data are the most valuable wealth of the webmaster. I want to say that domain names are more valuable than data. No data, you can still fill the data in a variety of ways, slowly put the site up, after all, this does not affect the user access through the domain name; but no domain name, you may lose all users, even the station also broadcast it lost a large number of users, although abnormal tragic reason for the loss of customers. Interested webmaster friends, you can use webmaster tools to view.

, how should we protect our domain name,


1, domain name management, account protection,

don’t disclose your domain name, admin account, any information, including account name, password, email, phone, fax, address. Be sure to keep in mind that these details are more important than managing passwords.

2, domain name information protection

domain name whois information, conditional must hide, no conditions hidden, must not put in the whois information e-mail address written in their domain name management account, mailbox. In addition, the domain name must be locked at ordinary times.


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