Luobotebaqiao virus prevention interim solution

          some time ago, the virus luobotebaqiao in your server, the horse also is really rubbish. During the earthquake, even the well-known public website for horse. Its conscience is greatly bad. At the beginning of the Trojan code is: < iframe; src= width=0 height=0> < /iframe> < iframe src=, width=0 height=0> < /iframe>


poisoning performance: the use of the latest 360 security guards killing less than 360, the firewall is also of no avail, other anti-virus software can not check out, but restart the host temporarily disappeared again, over a period of time may appear, on Saturday and Sunday showed more frequent;

below is my online collection of information: MS06014 realone realone11

,, Lianzhong, 0DAY blast wind no >

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