Five years to do station experience share experience sweet and sour each have experience

Hello, recently in A5 wrote many articles, the article wrote "share a 4000IP, 40000pv site do stand experience" got a lot of friends, we once again thank you for your support, here I talk about a few years. The website process, what frustrations have experienced and I hope you can help


04 years, sophomore, met online a little clever girl, younger than me, she read less than I, in the task net 5000 yuan Tao to let her revision to the website, her website is a part-time network I think! How could she, with 5000 yuan to 5000 yuan revised website? At that time, is a very large number, at least equal to 10000 yuan now, a little girl was able to use 5000 yuan to this web site, just imagine, her website value will be the number of 5000 yuan to me? Also began to envy the little girl, I think a lot of problems, I also pick up her mission to do, although I do not bid, I was a lot of experience and she finally confirm the network communication! There will be miracle of faith!

for a non computer professional students, in the face of this opportunity, I met the girl, I began to Study hard network knowledge, improve their ability, the beginning is a static website, but also to earn advertising fees, the advertisement is very much, but I still don’t understand, so earn less, then I started learning programs, independently completed a advertising alliance website (estimated 3 months) an advertising alliance website including the front, background and so are their own production, the complex is a member of the background function is very difficult to grasp well, so the site is not doing enough, money is less than


started, I was doing a download site, download the station easier to do, but also have a lot of problems, especially the problem of bandwidth space, otherwise it can not improve the download speed, slow download speed of a download site, of course, is also terrible, many visitors will this loss, therefore, stand to make money at the same time to download, is also a lot of problems, it is recommended that you do not consider the new website, after all, the cost is relatively large, when you have cost, also have certain operational experience, you can consider! I specifically wrote the article "share the monthly income of 2000 yuan for the download station do stand experience" not for everyone, but also has a certain reference value


then gradually put their website to be professional, I also bought some money to site operation, site slowly rising, also began to put advertising advertising, start is not very good, when the promotion of their own, you can still make a little advertising, that moment hard to do a website up, my heart is very excited, the last also wrote the article "by advertising a monthly income of 3000 yuan experience sharing".

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