Secondary net profit point analysis

always wonder how to make my secondary network have more and better profit point, to more than a year, now before the idea out to share with everyone, I hope my friends can give me more exchanges. Used network exchange group: 46169752, welcome to join the friends of second-hand network.

1.: traditional advertising profit (about the profit model, I have no right to speak, because I only recently joined Baidu search alliance, only through the promotion and promotion of cooperation, please have the right to speak of friends to help Kazakhstan)

2. local advertising profits: we all know that it is difficult for advertisers to extract money from their pockets. A friend of mine gave me such a suggestion,

can use our ad position to exchange the products of the second hand, so the local advertisement will be easier to make. Change computers, cell phones, notebooks, and so on, we are also very good, sold by hand.

3. franchise profit: here is not the way to join the traditional franchise, because I did not think of better words, ha ha. There is an almost every day online customer service QQ I used online, there are a lot of visitors to visit our website, after seeing the membership information released, directly on the point of QQ consulting, when we start each time in the reply: Hello, second-hand trading platform we do not participate in physical transaction. Then back much, but also see opportunities. We can contact the various products such as computer, second-hand dealers, mobile phone, notebook, household appliances, motorcycles, electric cars and so on, and then when we receive information, the information is transferred to the second-hand business on hand, we earn a fee or from a year to pay much money, we provide the corresponding all the information to them.

ha ha, that’s all, or old, but I haven’t seen any of my friends at least. If you have some better ways to make money, I hope you don’t hide it. Please share it with us.

by the way, please don’t delete the ad. Our second-hand network source, the sale of friends are welcome to consult. Demo address:, now sold only the first, the current program is continuing to improve according to the requirements of the buyer, hope to have more friends using our program, gives us more requirements, and make our website more perfect.

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