Persistence persistence and faith are the secrets of the success of personal websites


belief really important to an individual webmaster?

now the Internet industry is increasingly competitive, the concept of new stage, the belief in the Internet entrepreneurs, especially the backbone of the Internet – personal Adsense, really so important?

recently held the "2008 China Internet webmaster year", on this "use of faith to fight" spirit of a deep discussion, attracted more than 1500 people from all sectors of the Internet to the scene. The theme of the annual meeting site is to call on individual owners to continue on the road of entrepreneurship, not abandon, do not give up faith. Many well-known Internet personal owners and successful entrepreneurs also speak at the scene:

blue ideal webmaster stick,

blue ideal webmaster Ceng Muyang, a low-key, stuck in the station. He said in an interview with the annual meeting site Sina, China’s webmaster survival pressure is great, I hope colleagues are more adhere to their ideals, reduce mutual plagiarism phenomenon. The founder of the famous designer community in China has been insisting on giving the best content to the Internet users over the past few years, and in order to realize the original content. Zeng had been working on several people on his own. He was the only one who knew it. In this way, in his insistence and efforts, today’s blue dream has 450 thousand members, becoming one of the industry’s influential design community. Many people were moved by his belief in the spirit of faith.

Li Xiang’s obsession with

bubble network and car home CEO Li Xiang at the scene said, I hope the next station grow up will not come so many webmaster, to some business leaders, less some three, more than some company commander. At the same time, webmaster to treasure their hard won opportunities. From 98 years to the station, to the current bubble nets, car home. Li Xiang along the way, more experience is probably "treasure" two words, "I cherish my opportunity, has cherished for 10 years, and will always cherish.". In addition to see XuSanDuo in retrospect, continue to adhere to, if not the monitor XuSanDuo pulled out, no matter how he will not become so stick. Therefore, persistence does not necessarily succeed, but in turn, not insist on, it is impossible to succeed." At the same time, he also said, "how do we find better people than ourselves, and make our dreams bigger? That’s what counts.". So I hope next year than to some webmaster, become the company commander, veteran instead of xusanduo." In him, we see the continuity of persistence and faith.

insisted on "small stationmaster"

cool wandering network CEO Li Shanyou said in a keynote speech, "webmaster should still keep the ability of hope in the darkness, hope is in a completely dark room, you have to look for a direction to tell yourself it is hope, and we tell you there is light in the direction of the team, and then with a they keep moving in the direction of the past. For an individual, executive power is the key to success, especially above stress

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