The winter is really cold s the stationmaster ready to take shelter from the winter

07 this year, 23, Ma Yun through the release of entitled "winter mission" internal mail, called on all Alibaba ready for the winter".

February the staff meeting Ma’s words: "the Internet is about to usher in the winter" unwitting precept. 08 years, we have paid close attention to the format segmentation and conversion in the Internet industry. officially completely shielded Baidu search service; Tencent Yizhisuzhuangjiang employees quit Baidu to court; "CCTV" incident; Microsoft "black screen" incident; Baidu K a day off 30 thousand station etc.. This series of events occupies a large proportion of Internet information. A giant are constantly crisis, so that the weak individual Adsense groups also began to become anxious.

said that the Internet winter means that personal Adsense will face the crisis of survival, in fact, otherwise. A webmaster has internet. According to the latest CNNIC report, as of now, the number of domestic websites have reached 1 million 919 thousand, of which 80% – 90% is a small website or personal website. When the crisis comes, it is also the time when the opportunity is born. Whoever gets used to it first goes beyond it. For small and medium owners, the most concerned about should be Baidu’s fate. Have a saying: "Baidu is a small webmaster yisifumu."

so, in this so-called winter. Small and medium-sized webmaster should how to avoid winter? Individual feel or intentions to do the station. The survival capital of a website is the value of the website itself. How to make every user to your website can be harvested, is what we have to study hard. Here are some of my own experiences:

1, maintain constant and quantitative updates. This will not only allow users to feel the vitality of your site, but also allow users to feel your valuable perseverance. On the other hand, can also cultivate spiders on your site crawling rule, but a rule to develop, then Baidu snapshot can have stable update.

2, don’t let ads tarnish the image of the site. It is undeniable that standing in order to make a profit. But if your website is a slave to advertising, it’s a garbage dump. We should learn to arrange the advertisements well and neatly. Hao123’s home page is basically all advertising. But it can be silent. The interpretation of benign advertising is almost perfect. Duke station advertising do not know please professional personnel treatment. The content of the ads in the first page and the inside page is quite high. The pages are neat and comfortable.

3, do not allow websites and users to exist independently. Sites and users are a community, and if separated, then the value of this site is greatly reduced. Timely analysis of user feedback and expansion of communication with users, between users and users, is a magic weapon to collect the popularity of websites. Make sure there is at least one way to give feedback and advice on your website. You can set up a message board, or you can do it

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