Real estate network profit model discussion information first sale is king

at present, the market of local real estate network competition has heats up, the major portals and real estate website speculators who want to get a cup of soup, there are more entrepreneurial ideas webmaster have entered the territory in the attempt. But because there is no good channels and no clear profit model, so many people could not get in the door, I also belong to this column, so here is simple and we explore the feasibility of profit model about local real estate website, I hope to play a valuable role


first profitable, said in the title information sales information, of course, the first king, to ensure that your site has enough fresh exclusive local real estate information, which I think of the webmaster is not difficult, although we have strong channels of information, but we have enough powerful pseudo original information ability. The collection and editing, so that the major real estate portal news should not use what is difficult! But sales, it is a very difficult to cross the ridge, a lot of network advertising to sell the business, so that it can sell a good website also needs to have a strong sales ability, in order to achieve profitable breakthrough but because of personal webmaster! Common in this capacity is relatively weak, so if you want to profit for themselves, must be equipped with sufficient fire sale! < / P>

with the above two points support, we can profit from the following aspects:

1: hard online advertising

is the web page of text, pictures, video and other advertising! Such advertising price space is very large, as long as your site has a certain reputation, the corresponding BANNER ads are millions! This kind of advertising, can own sales, but also by other advertising company sales agent


2: multi channel collaboration,

when your real estate website is strong enough, can carry out multi-channel cooperation with businesses, such as new, second-hand, decoration, building materials and so on, rental channel or win-win cooperation, is a very promising profit space


3: organize Group buy

regularly organize group buying, group buying can include new premises, home building materials and so on. If your website is very popular, the group can sign enough single time to make it


4: membership fee

generally for enterprise intermediary members charge, a city hundreds of property intermediary, a year cost one thousand words, a year is one hundred thousand income, of course, these are popular support!


5: lower level agent

The area

can lower the development of cities and counties, collect agency fees! The agency fee of this site is not low, but not too high, generally around ten thousand, if each region the successful development of an agent, its income is also very impressive, but also can improve the awareness of the site


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