Rivers and lakes micro decoration system profit model you know

many users in our marketing QQ above consulting, say, do not know what the micro Lake decoration system is what to do, how to achieve profitability, today Xiaobian to help you solve these problems.

before analyzing the profit model of the micro decoration system, first of all, we have to understand a few problems:

1, the use of micro decoration system group


decoration company, as long as the decoration companies in China are your target group, there is no geographical restrictions!


2, micro decoration system in the end can help users solve any difficulties?

, A, self-help Station;


includes PC, mobile version, micro official website, all self-help sites, as long as binding a domain name can be, and the other does not need, and there are more than a set of exquisite templates for selection. By the way, all of the above processes are done by yourself;

, B, WeChat marketing;


, WeChat marketing will be the main battlefield in the future community marketing, so if you play this marketing battle, decoration companies should now consider. How to create a WeChat marketing function module will be a highlight of the micro decoration system built into a large turntable, hit the golden eggs, scratch cards, coupons and other mainstream marketing WeChat plug-in, as long as the account you can use the


, C, universal distribution;


"not only happy people happy", marketing is so universal, the distribution system is also reflected in such a thought, everyone can become a decoration company promotion, according to the different distribution index reached to get the rebate, the spread of the virus, the


, D, customer management,


A lot of traditional decoration company customer management

system is the CRM line, the maintenance is very complex, and other marketing software docking is very cumbersome, micro customer management system comes with the decoration decoration company will help solve the problem, all customers can promotion from the role of synchronization over, and WeChat fans also support a key synchronization, docking and marketing


, E, project management;



can also help manage their own projects decoration company, the key to add decoration project, binding decoration project supervision, support WeChat coordinate sign, the decoration progress upload, WeChat message push owners and other features of


know these, we can come to discuss the profit system of micro decoration system, in fact, very simple: that is to collect decoration companies will be settled

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