Leadership training for Uni students scrapped

The Minister also dismissed the criticism on the new Government over the decision to expand the cabinet.He said that, unlike before, now the Government needs Parliament approval to expand the cabinet to more than 30 members and that shows Parliament has more authority than the Government or the President. (Colombo Gazette) The Government has decided to cancel the leadership training exercise introduced by the former Government for University students.Universities and Highways Minister Lakshman Kiriella said that the new Government will also look to have talks with the University students and address their concerns. “What was that training exercise introduced by a certain Minister?…. Leadership training….we will scrap that,” the Minister said while speaking to reporters in Kandy.Kiriella said that he feels it is best to introduce an international language course for the students instead of leadership training. He noted that University students continue to face several issues and the Government is willing to have discussions with them to resolve those issues. “The intention of the new Government is to create an environment where students can do their studies without facing any issues,” he said. read more

Mexico reaches deal with private gas pipeline firms

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s president says his government has reached a deal with private gas pipeline operators to solve a dispute over fees and payments.The pipelines would allow Mexico to import U.S. natural gas and distribute gas throughout Mexico. But President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said the private companies had taken advantage of the country when the contracts were signed under previous administrations.Lopez Obrador said Tuesday that companies from the U.S., Canada and Mexico agreed to restructure fees. He said the companies accepted about a 30% lower profit margin.The dispute had threatened Mexico’s reputation as a reliable place for private investment. The president said the deal would save Mexico — especially the national electricity utility — as much as $4.5 billion over the next three decades.The Associated Press read more