Lowriders Cops Face Off at SF Mission Hunger Strike

first_img Tags: Mission Police Station • police shooting Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% Within moments, some dozen police officers exited the station and told drivers to leave or face a ticket.“They are parking illegally and obstructing the street,” said one officer. “We are not trying to hassle them and respect the right to protest. But the lowriders can’t be here, I’m sure you understand.”The police fanned out into the street and caused the drivers to quickly disappear, though hunger strikers confronted officers. They asked that officers tell Mayor Lee about the strike and the demand to fire Chief Suhr.“I have no place in telling the mayor anything, sir,” responded the officer. “We are not here because of that, we’re here because the flow of traffic was impeded.”“We controlled the traffic probably better than you guys,” retorted one supporter, as others shouted “Who are you protecting?” before dispersing.Edwin Lindo (right) speaking with a police officer on Sunday. Photo by Lola M. ChavezThe lowriders driving away from the police. Photo by Lola M. ChavezThe lowriders parked in red zones in front of the station. Photo by Lola M. ChavezSellassie Blackwell, one of the hunger strikers, and officers on Sunday. Photo by Lola M. ChavezPhoto by Lola M. ChavezThe car show at John O’Connell where the lowriders came to the hunger strike from. Photo by Lola M. ChavezPhoto by Lola M. ChavezPhoto by Lola M. ChavezPhoto by Lola M. ChavezPresentation of trophies at the lowrider show at John O’Connell High School. Photo by Lola M. ChavezPhoto by Lola M. Chavez On Sunday, a group of some 20 lowriders gave an impromptu visit to the Mission District hunger strikers — known as as the Frisco Five — who have been camped out in front of the Mission District police station for 12 days to call for the firing of the city’s police chief.The lowriders shut down Valencia Street for some five minutes before police officers threatened citations, causing drivers to leave the area.“I don’t have money for this ticket,” said one lowrider driver. “But maybe I do if it’s for a cause.” The lowriders — coming from an earlier show at John O’Connell High School — crowded both sides of Valencia Street with their muscle cars and formed a narrow sliver for vehicular traffic, while some supporters of the hunger strike attempted to guide cars through the blockade.center_img 0%last_img read more