Month: September 2017

How to do the analysis and selection of the site keywords

: please keep the URL


is a website of the current keywords, but also to find ways to analyze the long tail keywords through the target keywords, such as the target keyword selection alias, selection of interrogative sentences and so on are optimized, such as Beida tuition money, Beijing prize.the campus where home is good? Prize.the employment? Such a long tail keywords although the search volume is not however, it can optimize a good ranking, and through these long tail keywords over the user conversion rate is quite high, so it is very important to the long tail keywords selection and analysis is a construction site in the read more

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How to effectively deal with the new sites through the search engine

be not at all surprising!The chain > five, looking for high quality

to solve this problem is solved, associated with increased theme of the site of the original article, for example: you are a cake shop, that only sell cake, do not sell stationery. The search engine is not a fool, remember.


, one of the reasons is still in the newly established website of love Shanghai, and even individual old site will be a similar situation


address: for the old, this is already the It is quite common for, remember the article published in time to bring your own the chain, there are a large number of websites reproduced your original articles, is very important for the transfer of website weight. The search engine also improved, at least for now, they are also capable of judging, what time out, just a matter of time. Be sure to bring your site links, otherwise, it would be someone else’s original, small loss. read more

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Optimization and optimization of Shanghai noble baby love what are the essential differences between

do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends often have a question: why do I love Shanghai website ranking is very good, but Google has disappeared? Why my website Google ranking is very good, but the love of Shanghai has disappeared? I’m doing this for more than a year in Shanghai dragon inside, have been in practice and find the answer to this question, today I analyze this problem from the following five aspects according to their actual combat experience.

Google >


noble baby does not consider the basic link of the depth of the problem, he thought is accord with the retrieval, so many low level directory page is very easy to get good rankings. That is to say if your homepage and your website a level directory of TITLE which are the key words, relative to the keywords, ranking your site a directory may be better than your home, careful Adsense may find this phenomenon. Love and treat Shanghai link depth a certain rating system, the highest home page weight, the inside pages will drop one level. read more

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Love the sea k who the reflection of Shanghai dragon industry need Jingxiaxinlai

believe that many Shanghai dragon industry friends love Shanghai large-scale K station, especially large-scale rectification medical site impressed, because in that period can be said to be a medical site in the darkest days of numerous medical station was K to death, the medical station industry is seriously bleeding drift scull, too horrible to look at. In fact, until now, to love Shanghai medical station attitude is not so friendly, but at least to know, now love Shanghai for medical related website site audit and review all the old station is very strict, at least compared with other industries, more strict. For different industry site, different types of websites, love Shanghai gradually began to distinguish treat, for some related to the livelihood of the industry, love the attitude of Shanghai can be said to be hard again strike, although Shanghai is now the main love just K off most of false medical sites and some illegal sites, but who to ensure a crackdown by industry is not read more

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sh419 alliance traffic statistics service award winning research listHe has left Sohu Youku and qi

in the media product investment, propaganda Jolimark distribution, content production, commercial derivative four strategy, product investment and publicity issue is the focus of the current force kongyue. According to Gao Rui, the whole team a total of more than 50 people, and the staff accounted for more than half.

Facing the road he chose,

a year for three rounds of financing, and is the key force

video platform system has developed into an infrastructure like water and electricity, and the content products become more and more important. Gao Rui saw an opportunity, in September 2015, he and several friends co founded a film company Kongyue media. read more

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How to use the Shanghai dragon type B2B Small and micro businesses tens of millions do

after optimization, the key words on the website of the row to the first page of the love of Shanghai. As long as the keywords on your site row to the first page of Shanghai love, every day will naturally have the intention of customers to find you, take the initiative to your inquiry and order.


so, how the Shanghai dragon, a year to tens of millions of

Shanghai dragon

B2B, is the abbreviation of Business-to-Business, refers to the enterprise to the enterprise marketing relationship between. Generally speaking, is the enterprise to sell products to other companies. read more

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More than two years experience of how see Shanghai dragon Shanghai Dragon ndustry

for some of the views of Shanghai dragon or Shanghai dragon industry, I share the following aspects, of course, is a personal view does not have the reference value, welcome webmaster friends. And share

and another specifically customized tank customers is the opposite, with the regional key words words, so save a lot of cost optimization for customers, in addition to the keyword ranking time is relatively short, more important is, after the keywords ranking up I asked him if he had no effect in the end there is no customer looking for your custom tank he said, "yes, I have received several single". read more

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Love in fact Shanghai has been paying close attention to your website

I have a website – Taoge registration code software station, in one day, I changed the address space, in order to change the virtual host, independent IP, but due to the original big data website (more than 400 MB), and the school’s speed is relatively slow, so, on my first day to download the official website of the dedecms. After the latest version 5.7 download and install, and before the original database restore, but simply modify the site title, the domain name of the website, the results on the second night, I love Shanghai Taoge registered domain name search code, the snapshot time changed. A setup time snapshot day yesterday. And I see the web page, the page is not found in the snapshot of any of the contents of the newly installed system page. I think: love before Shanghai has been for a long time have not updated snapshot website (in fact, I have a long time not to update the article.). I love Shanghai for this website to adjust how are so sensitive? In fact, love Chi think: love has been concerned about the Shanghai Taoge registration code of the site, the long-term not update the snapshot, and not love Shanghai not to grab you, but your website is not updated. As long as you update your site, will love Shanghai in second days, or in the future will update your website, just a matter of time. Sometimes we view a snapshot of our time, find love Shanghai snapshot of that time is our last update date of this article, this is also a design example of love in Shanghai every day to crawl sites to witness, or love. read more

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How to plan e commerce in the early stageNew interpretation of venture capital network classificatio

I believe that see blog, most of the network are very interested, yesterday suddenly received an email saying "look at my network is how to receive the first pot of gold" as the title of the temptation, I point into a look, before "fully open, full screen is $0.03 similar to that, I know it’s $click advertising that the so-called network those who make money, I did N years ago, is someone who is relatively popular keywords network" Wangzhuan ", here, I remind those who are engaged in this industry, and to receive money from the shy, fill a man in his bag, give up the" occupation "," high "in the new network, another way to get more money for the future online, a lot of things you need to learn. read more

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Case study how to use the nofollow tag to grasp a degree

2, poly fashion (currently second-hand table net weight, before the first PR5) included 46800 love Shanghai 5 223 of the total weight of the home within the chain using the nofollow link number 95 using the rate of 223/223*100%=42% (nofollow label high usage rate)

, 1 square meter net (currently the highest weight watch mall network) included 46800 PR5 weight 6 Shanghai love home within the chain 405 of the total number of links using nofollow 30 using the rate of 30/405*100%=6% (nofollow tag to use reasonable) read more

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Shanghai Longfeng optimization web design is very important

generally, a keyword density of the page is kept between 2%-8%, if the density is too low will lead to no good ranking, but the high density so it is likely to lead to search engine drop right, the opposite.

in the XHTML site design standard, no longer use form positioning technology, positioning it to achieve a variety of content by DIV+CSS method. DIV is a common element in the HTML language, and DIV+CSS is a method of web page layout, the layout of different from the traditional method of Table layout, to achieve the content and code of the separation effect. Using DIV+CSS to design the website is in line with W3C standards, can be more convenient to the search engine’s index. read more

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Analysis of what kind of the chain is the high quality the chain

sites included speed can reflect the status of the site in the search engine in a dumpster, absolutely can’t be included fast, new snapshot, weight high. For example, in a forum posting, if you send out your post, after a minute, in the search engine to check the post by, then you take in the post links or anchor text signature in it can be regarded as the chain, of course, the chain general on the forum do the general quality are not high. If other >

Three, The calculation method of

site outside the chain can be divided according to the principle of the cake, the more people get less cake. Similarly, if the export link of a website is relatively small, and the weight of the site is also high, so the chain in such a place to do relatively quality. Because if you do a lot of the chain in the place, so the weight derived most into your website. So, this chain is not the quality of what is? Because of its export links is relatively small, so that the weight of the site has not been dispersed to other sites, are concentrated in the website, so if you do the chain in this place, it can be said that most of them into their own website. This chain is regarded as the quality of the chain, such as the Wikipedia website, this website is the owners believe that the highest quality, because he basically not what are the links. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng confused expectations Shanghai Longfeng road longer er

article reports including love Shanghai clarification, ran out of the site was K things, meal time fire a lot of articles. And at the bottom and close to despair in the Shanghai dragon er who like to see is to seize the life-saving straw, convinced, in detail did find no copy after the improvement, a moment on the verge of collapse, some sleepless nights, some mad, some people come than yellow flowers.

this is the same root, fratricidal!

from unemployment, spit spit, Shanghai dragon Er [100] who have invested in the fight against malicious click, for promotion to the extreme, xiehen. However, more than 80% of the site did not reduce the cost of investment promotion, click all by each site to pay, love Shanghai earned pours, also introduced policies to encourage investment such as consumer auction website, how much to send over like. read more

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Shanghai dragon competition your opponent completely unmasked every act and every move

I engage in Shanghai Longfeng not long after, I found the competition website from time to time will directly copy and paste the author wrote "KTV" on the "(贵族宝贝lakuo.taoktv贵族宝贝) to some of the forums, those articles are only changed the company name and connection of plagiarism in it, so I am very angry in a flagrant way, then! Slowly understand, originally this has several benefits, because the weight of the company’s website forum than high weight, so it can take the tampered articles at the forum is the second, the author published on their website on the contrary is difficult to be included, while one can enhance the external the number of chain rivals, to combat the company to be included in the article number. For such insidious behavior, I felt both angry and excited. Anger is because the other company to so in a flagrant way plagiarism is inevitable, if the upper beam is not straight to the chain, after all personnel will have higher daily monitoring post is kept, since the superior can tolerate such behavior, still have to do so, then the company’s mind is visible not to seek customers undivided attention! And exciting is that the Internet can put the company’s show to be exhaustive, but also can put the opponent in the doings exposed to the opponent did not bother crystal clear, in the right way, so to beat the opponent, read more

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The details of the innovation is the website construction company winning King

such as e-mail, a lot of IDC’s mailbox is actually products from competitors, we know that many companies advertise their mailbox global tour, support large 600M accessories, the use of the post office system and server resources are from the domestic well-known provider 263 post office network communication. Is Chinese million network office system, which is through technical cooperation, using the Beijing Quik email products, of course, all of its own technical strength through the natural will carry forward. As a big company, in order to stability and safety, more choice is to buy some more technical force to pay by way of the company’s technology or product. But a lot of strength and poor technology of small and medium-sized companies, the usual practice is to choose open source products, free and > read more

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The search engine era of great change love Shanghai original spark program launched

now the acquisition machine and manual collection is more exquisite, more and more cunning, so the original is very difficult to identify.

in the face of this situation like Shanghai ready to fight a protracted war, we all know that when this situation, we must.

two, collecting flood recognition difficult

since 2013, Shanghai began to love big change, is the webmaster has been discussed hot topic, from the "green" algorithm to "pomegranate algorithm" and so on a series of algorithm is the search engine the traction to a more exciting platform, then, the real climax is to love the Shanghai search engine began to implement the original plan this started, now is the real search engine era of great change, love Shanghai original spark program launched. read more

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The Shanghai dragon brand road way forward

means Shanghai dragon has always been a most free way, after all, not like some huge investment, but, if an electronic commerce website without a good investment, so it can be called the electronic commerce website, so here is that, with the Shanghai dragon included a small start from the subdivision is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng next segment of the industry, market segments, you will see a lot of Shanghai dragon are not discovered, then the most segments of the market will bring huge benefits to you, here is the same as the brand of the road from small to large, long tail keywords and Shanghai dragon, from the long tail keywords start to optimize the primary key, is the same reason, after all, if you want to take the brand route, a first place can get a lot of Many initial skills. read more

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Optimization techniques of single page website

single page website1,

single page website1, the construction of the chain of

single page website because only one page, so the work we do is around this page and the content or keyword or single page website correlation is always higher. The most typical example is the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, love the Shanghai encyclopedia page we can see it as a single page website inside, all content is around the relevant entry and editing content, very relevance and integrity, the user through a page can be a solution to all the knowledge points of the entry. read more

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Take note of the first video They’re con artistsshlf1314 ADSENSE daily income survey

, 200412 months placed a day before 0.2-0.3, then a day about 10The following is the content of

date "clicks" show the number of hits "eCPM income?

2004 Friday, December 10th, 179290.50% USD0.10 USD0.18

2004 Saturday, December 11th, 3500% USD0.00 USD0.00

2004 Monday, December 13th, 6318270.43% USD0.03 USD0.17

2004 Tuesday, December 14th, 9872220.22% USD0.03 USD0.29

2004 Wednesday, December 15th, 10101260.26% USD0.04 USD0.41

2004 Thursday, December 16th, 9932220.22% USD0.07 USD0.68

2004 Friday, December 17th, 8488150.18% USD0.08 USD0.67

2004 Saturday, December 18th, 9533130.14% USD0.03 USD0.31

2004 Sunday, December 19th, 10902160.15% USD0.07 USD0.76

2004 Monday, December 20th, 10619120.11% USD0.02 USD0.24

2004 Tuesday, December 21st, 10585240.23% USD0.06 USD0.59 read more

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