Month: July 2017

The network keeps my heart

these days, always stay in ADMIN5, see the essay today, Jiujin emboldened to write personal career network


Preface: I hate reading. I hate studying. I like freedom, but I haven’t been free.

number 1: understanding the Internet

in 2001, high school graduation, because I hate learning, failed to go to high school, but through the introduction of relatives, I chose the more popular professional, learning computer network!


school days is 01 years dull as ditch water, the basic technical secondary school, more than a year can do have computer classes, then slowly chose the cafe, in the second year of learning web, I love the site at that time, feeling that looked at a lot of people beautiful effects. "Very happy, remember the first time to apply for a space in Zibo harbor, the others" it changed a few words, that let me show off a few days, so I often soak in the cafe, I see other people play "those things, now I do not love to play game. I graduated from college. read more

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Talking about several profit models of software download station

Hello, the last write two articles, about 06 years of experience in 07 years < years to earn twenty thousand yuan; let me join the ranks of webmaster > < year earned twenty thousand yuan for me to join the ranks of owners (two), once again I write about a software download site in 08 years some of the


in the 08 years after I began to engage in software download sites, 07 years to engage in a data download site, found that there are still profitable, before the program was purchased by Taobao, I found that now do not have to buy a new program, there are a lot of open source program, the program is free you need to use the simple understanding of HTML code can be used for this, I understand ASP code more easily, I analyzed, then a new open-source cloud, Empire like, download the comparative advantage of the program, then I chose a new cloud program, asp+mssql program, and then to engage in a software download sites, software for their own businesses upload to my software download sites, the content of the website provides businesses is still relatively active, this time I did not worry about the content That is, the promotion problem can not be strong. read more

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Old webmaster xrnic talk about the meaning and development of grassroots webmaster

"webmaster" is popular in 2006, representing 70, 80, 90 after a group of people love the Internet business, they are very simple, low-key, dedication, love the network, not arrogant, happy, proud; they know their excellent vision than others wide stage than others; they are with a strong cohesion, independence and creativity of a group of people, they created a legendary Internet with their own actions.

grassroots webmaster and the right to have no money, no money, high status does not matter. It embodies two characteristics: read more

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What is the psychological error that grass root stationmaster most easily commits

grass roots webmaster most likely to make mistakes in psychology is impetuous?

!What is the cause of the impetuous

? I think a very important reason is: to do business (or did not take this as a cause) the present situation, trend and prospect and the lack of a clear understanding of the law, so as to the lack of a set of steps, step by step according to the class website development planning or planning.


successfully planned network business own? It cannot do without the process of learning, communication, practice and study and communication, practice again, the king of figure Admin5 is to give the webmaster needed to start learning, communication and the establishment, so that we have a good platform for exchanges and learn from each other and cooperate with each other in the process of entrepreneurial network. read more

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The secret of success for a rookie webmaster

fast, fast update, fast response,

web sites are unlimited, and the speed of sharing and spreading is the key to influencing user experience and impressions. Go to the Internet to see at most of the information and related topics, so a class website update speed cumulative users and more attention. Fast response to unexpected events, as well as website user functionality, design execution faster, by grasping the needs of users to improve the stickiness and reputation of the site.

many, rare resources, more professional resources, read more

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How can a small network company survive and grow

is a city, not a large market, but with a lot of city network company, are small scale, but also a maximum of 30 people, the main business model is the proxy IT network products, services, IT outsourcing and operating their own regional websites, such as Shanghai Xuan Network Technology Co. the company is mainly engaged in enterprise network building, network security, computer software and hardware configuration, maintenance of enterprise website construction planning and maintenance, at the same time they also sales agent of all kinds of IT devices (workstations, servers, personal computer, printer, copier, fax machine and other office supplies). Almost all Internet companies thinking all is the same, we are doing, are robbed this only and not good eating meat, there are many small studios and individuals in the snatch, disrupting the market, some people even 50 dollars can do the design of a web page, and those to one percent or even less than one percent of the profits to grab, remove the labor costs are still losing money, or to do so, showing how the market is chaos. read more

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Huang Qiang soft Wen advertisement everywhere the power is infinite

well-known SEO experts, soft Wen promotion novice, Huang Qiang is glad to participate in the soft Wen University’s first experimental class training, here in the first class let me have a more correct new understanding of the soft. Through the soft text of the new understanding, now understand the network so much information, content, which basically each implanted advertising, just ordinary people don’t know, often also add fuel to the flames. Soft Wen "advertisement" really is everywhere, the power is infinite. read more

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Garbage station also need to persist adhere to the final victory

to tell you the truth from the finish of this title, I feel a little big hat, ashamed to say that I is the main station, the difficulties I just want to say I do stand since the encounter, how to step by step to go up to now, although not a big success, but for the novice webmaster may some help. Or the old rules to introduce myself, I graduated from Shenyang Aerospace University in 2007 and the Department of art and design professional graphic, my major so I have a hobby only in web design, always want to open their own piece of heaven and earth on the internet. Third chance, I learned some rudiments of website in my classmate’s boyfriend, and started my website construction. read more

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Chen Zhongping how does individual stationmaster face this rectify a crisis

Chen Zhongping in pushing a reply to other people’s problems, often heard a friend website was closed news, that is to now, and friends of the site can not be used normally. Not only have our friends’ websites been suspended, but we have been suspended for a few days.

at that time many friends said that their website server port was closed, the data can not be backed up. I was surprised, because our push was still open. Later on, no, a push was suspended, Jiang Likun, Peng Hongwei, Mou Changqing and other blog also suspended, A5, outdated and other websites are suspended. Ask the reason, that is, some small websites violations have bad information, all of the web site closed, checked, qualified after opening. read more

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Do webmaster more than a year of uneven road and experience

This is the first

personal stations in more than a year, said the wrong please mercy, most people do the purpose of the station is probably in order to make money, but I do at the station is just a hobby, never thought it would bring some economic benefits to my /p>! "

initially do the idea of standing still came in July of last year, that is I built a blog circle in the NetEase, I work hard every day in the business circles, published the paste, marking each circle of friends carefully push the log and photo album. Circle in the home page is recommended to NetEase for several times, so in a month’s time, the number of friends in the circle to around forty thousand, a person operating them is quite difficult, we built a QQ group to recruit some of the same love blog circle of friends do some administrators management when they chat! They encouraged me to build a website, you also think about is the time to build a website. Collect some of the station, spent hundreds of ocean domain names registered to buy space first website "My Star Entertainment Network" was born, it is the so-called SEO or PR don’t really know what, every day is to collect relevant content to the web is indifferent to your site and the traffic situation! When chatting by several times and find me for the link friends, learn a lot about the website data, know what is SEO, what is PR, how to improve the PR.. And so on! I am very grateful to him! I check to know the station PR is 3, IP is already about 2000! Now think of more than a month’s time to do it really is very good, now think in a short time out is basically impossible! After several advertising companies take the initiative to contact me to him. Their prices are thousands of fast! It was my bad music for a while! Really did not expect to earn money! But when the end of the beginning of a large number of domestic good times don’t last long blocked website! My entertainment station hanging on "vulgar content" hat and be ruthless to click! Luckily the new year is coming, the heart is not bad long…. read more

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From the Shanghai community to see why local portals become venture capital battleground

‘s recent internet capital operations have intensified, reaching the climax of the 2008 economic crisis, and may even surpass the peak of the 2008. For a time, Dangdang, Youku, Mcglaughlin have listed. Earlier this year, PPLIVE announced $250 million in financing. More than Youku and other companies listed on the financing amount. We are not from the excitement out of Ku6 announced $one hundred million financing, interrupted by Qihoo 360 listed in the u.s.. And the share price is even more than the Sohu, which amounts to $34. Insight into the success of these companies, almost no experience has been built for many years to success. read more

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Gu Nine capitalized reading 100 thousand WeChat article cheats

students, you will often see some WeChat article reading amount is 100 thousand +. So how do these articles achieve this effect? Here’s a list of nine capitalized reading 100 thousand + articles:

1 brightness: the title title is an article entrance, not only the public number, small series of traditional portals and newspapers also often do this without integrity: the title of the party. No way, readers are desperate love very fast gunmen, 3 seconds, and then know the small series match up, exactly what he wants. For a 100 thousand + WeChat article title brightness contribution rate in 16%, is said to write the title with 10 tips, reasons of space being disclosed, in short, the title must let readers have "love at first sight" feeling, otherwise it is a failure! read more

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A step by step on the website

(1) demand creates value, and value leads the future.

, whether it is Web1.0 or the Internet, now hot SNS, Web2.0, etc., are to meet, create, and guide user demand based. Create content while analyzing and predicting user habits, to meet user needs, in order to increase the amount of users.

SNS is the current situation, separatist warlords, former wolf tiger, how many, the company fought into the SNS, hoping to get a spoonful of soup.SNS is not very clear profit model, the Facebook, and so on. Everyone thinks that as long as there is a large number of users, traffic can create value. But not all owners to get a large number of users. read more

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A5 source code 2017 June source code update recommended

blink of an eye, 2017 is already about half of this month, A5 Xiaobian will again recommend you 10 popular welcome source system in this station, and I hope to help you!


A5 source station is A5 webmaster web site source code and webmaster tools download base, our core goal is to provide the best, the most abundant source code and the most practical, the most abundant webmaster tools.

ASP, chapter

1.Shop7z online shopping system popular edition

, the first to recommend to you is a professional ASP online shop platform software – Shop7z online shopping system. Shop7z online shopping system has been devoted to the related services of enterprise Internet applications. Concise and clear, light body, fast running, high cost performance is its outstanding advantage! read more

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From the sunny girl exposed to talk about the essential condition of webmaster speculation

Look at the

A5 article, "a sunny girl exposure of the truth Tencent company hype artist" article Yang into view. The article is long. Illustrations are in place, a few look good, not to read from the breath, it is because of "sunny girl" speculation the truth of the incident was brought to light, cannot continue to hype. To celebrate the criticism of culture media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and the famous

company Tencent QQ!

today’s discussion is not "perfume girl" (Wang Tingting) the sad road of life or culture media criticism celebrate or there is a violation of occupation morals of the Tencent, but would like to say, standing on a point of view of the webmaster should think from this event that the hype, hype website. Successful websites don’t depend on successful hype, rather than relying on search to bring poor traffic to you. Successful speculation, in the search world, you are king, the strong, search will rely on you in turn, because you have mastered a lot of resources, a large number of traffic. read more

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From the SP to the game what is the path to the transformation of the air network

time flies, "mobile network" has become a label era, and once again talked about the "Monternet", we will only boo in time to hurry, we have not really recognize it when it is gone. However, in that particular era, Monternet not only deepen the understanding of the mobile network, it is created a number of his company, the air network appeared in the industry. Founded in 2002, the air network is based on (Cai Xin), WAP (mobile Internet), JAVA (mobile games) and other main business. Two years after the company’s development, the NASDAQ listed in the United States, Saipan system in the mainstream of the times, mobile phone side of the game has become a prototype of today’s mobile games". read more

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Live bar domain name theft alert webmaster protect their own domain name

April 1st, as usual, log in live, check the timing of the game and live media. However, there is something wrong with the page, the game is not updated enough time, not to mention, but also a little more advertising. Of course, these ads are what type of football site understanding of webmaster friends will know. At first, just live it in order to reduce costs, Shajiquluan, but later access to the forum found that when the data is cleared, the management team also changed people. Right now, I’m not too sure about it, because this day is too special, I think it’s live. The management team is playing a joke with the fans. read more

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Luobotebaqiao virus prevention interim solution

          some time ago, the virus luobotebaqiao in your server, the horse also is really rubbish. During the earthquake, even the well-known public website for horse. Its conscience is greatly bad. At the beginning of the Trojan code is: < iframe; src= width=0 height=0> < /iframe> < iframe src=, width=0 height=0> < /iframe>
read more

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Five years to do station experience share experience sweet and sour each have experience

Hello, recently in A5 wrote many articles, the article wrote "share a 4000IP, 40000pv site do stand experience" got a lot of friends, we once again thank you for your support, here I talk about a few years. The website process, what frustrations have experienced and I hope you can help


04 years, sophomore, met online a little clever girl, younger than me, she read less than I, in the task net 5000 yuan Tao to let her revision to the website, her website is a part-time network I think! How could she, with 5000 yuan to 5000 yuan revised website? At that time, is a very large number, at least equal to 10000 yuan now, a little girl was able to use 5000 yuan to this web site, just imagine, her website value will be the number of 5000 yuan to me? Also began to envy the little girl, I think a lot of problems, I also pick up her mission to do, although I do not bid, I was a lot of experience and she finally confirm the network communication! There will be miracle of faith! read more

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