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Prestigious UN honours awarded to disaster prevention experts

5 October 2007A Japanese professor who educates both the Government and the public on practical skills for disaster risk reduction and an engineer from Grenada and Barbados focusing on building safety are recipients of this year’s prestigious United Nations Sasakawa Award for Disaster Reduction. A Japanese professor who educates both the Government and the public on practical skills for disaster risk reduction and an engineer from Grenada and Barbados focusing on building safety are recipients of this year’s prestigious United Nations Sasakawa Award for Disaster Reduction. “The award recognizes the efforts of these individuals – both trained as engineers – to communicate effectively on hazard and risk-related issues with a wide range of stakeholders including social scientists, engineers, architects and decision-makers as well as the general public,” said Salvano Briceño, director of the Geneva-based secretariat of the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR). “Their ability to bridge the gaps between science and practice has brought disaster risk reduction closer to people’s daily’s lives.” Kyoto University Professor Yoshiaki Kawata, who specializes in disaster risk reduction, has been selected for the honor for his promotion of research and knowledge about past disasters. According to the ISDR, he has highlighted the lessons learned from the Great Hanshin Awaji, or Kobe, Earthquake which took over 6,400 lives and is one of the most devastating earthquakes in Japanese history. Mr. Kawata has dedicated much of the past three decades raising public awareness of disasters; in 2002, he founded the Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution and established the Kobe Disaster Reduction Museum to educate both the public and local governments in practical knowledge and skills. A pioneer in advancing safe architectural and designs to resist natural hazards, Tony Gibbs works as an advisor for the UN and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Disaster Mitigation Advisory Group on hospital safety. He has made significant contribution to hazard awareness and disaster risk reduction n the Caribbean and throughout the Americas, according to ISDR. He has also focused on designing structures to protect hospitals against wind and earthquakes, influencing standards and advances in building design worldwide. Aside from these achievements, Mr. Gibbs is also being awarded the prize for his advocacy and leadership role in sharing knowledge with engineers, architects, builders and the public. A Sasakawa Certificate of Distinction was also awarded to ActionAid International, a South African non-governmental organization (NGO) for its role in incorporating disaster risk reduction and the Hyogo Framework – which offers a number of concrete steps to make communities and nations more resilient to any type of disaster – into is sustainable development activities. The Social Action Centre in the Philippines, La Red Habitat en Riesgo in Argentina and the South African Disaster Mitigation for Sustainable Livelihoods Programme are being recognized for their efforts with Sasakawa Certificates of Merit. The UN Sasakawa Award for Disaster Reduction, along with the UN World Health Organization (WHO) Sasakawa Health Prize and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Sasakawa Environment Prize, was established in 1986 by the Nippon Foundation in Japan. Laureates are selected by the UN Sasakawa jury, comprising representatives from the five continents. read more

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Humanitarian access key challenge for UN agencies assisting Pakistanis

20 October 2009As civilians continue to flee South Waziristan amid Pakistani military operations against insurgents, the United Nations refugee agency is stressing the need to ensure that assistance can reach the displaced. “Humanitarian access to people in need remains the key challenge for humanitarian agencies in this operation given the volatile security environment in the displacement areas,” Andrej Mahecic, spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), told reporters in Geneva.UNHCR is supporting the registration of new arrivals in the districts of Dera Ismail Khan and Tank in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP), where some 32,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) have been registered by local authorities since 13 October. They join more than 80,000 people who had fled South Waziristan since May this year, bringing the total number of registered displaced to more than 112,000 people.UNHCR, working through local partners, has been distributing relief items such as kitchen sets, blankets, sleeping mats and jerry cans to registered IDPs. Mr. Mahecic said that so far, the IDPs have been accommodated by the host families. “Generally, this has been the trend in the north-west part of Pakistan,” he noted. When more than 2 million Pakistanis were displaced by the conflict between Government forces and militants in NWFP earlier this year, the majority of them were accommodated by host families. About half of those IDPs have since returned to their homes.The Government has informed UNHCR that it is considering the establishment of camps and the agency stands ready to assist in providing all-weather tents and site preparation if required. Mr. Mahecic said that in addition to the aid given to individual families, assistance will need to be extended to hospitals, schools and other public facilities that may come under strain with large influxes of people.Meanwhile, some 3,600 people recently displaced by the conflict in Bajaur agency of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) continue to seek shelter in Lower Dir. Efforts are underway to pitch tents in the Wali Kandow camp in the same district, while the rest of the people are to be sheltered at the Khungi Shah camp, recently vacated by displaced people who have returned to their homes. The newly displaced join more than 58,000 Bajauris residing in various camps in NWFP after fleeing several waves of conflict since August 2008. read more

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Sierra Leonean judge reelected head of UNbacked war crimes tribunal

31 May 2010Justice Jon Kamanda of Sierra Leone has been re-elected to serve as President of the United Nations-backed war crimes tribunal set up to deal with the worst acts committed during the long and brutal civil war in the West African nation. This will be his second term as the Presiding Judge of the appeals chamber, a post which automatically makes him the President of the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL). Justice Emmanuel Ayoola of Nigeria, who previously served as the court’s President, also also been re-elected as Vice-President, according to a press release issued today by the court from Freetown, the capital. The SCSL’s judges wrapped up their 14th plenary on Friday in The Hague, voicing “sincere appreciation and gratitude” to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for the use of its courtroom and other support for the trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor, who is under indictment for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Special Court is an independent tribunal established jointly by Sierra Leone’s Government and the UN in 2002. It is mandated to try those who bear the greatest responsibility for atrocities committed in Sierra Leone after 30 November 1996. Last September, the eight prisoners convicted and held by the SCSL were transferred to Rwanda to serve their sentences since no prison in Sierra Leone meets the required international standards. The remaining trial, involving Mr. Taylor, is continuing at The Hague, where it was moved for security reasons. read more

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Breaking out of IsraeliPalestinian political morass requires courageous work of many –

Painting a troubling picture of the situation during a quarterly briefing to the 15-nation body, Nickolay Mladenov, Secretary-General’s Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, said that the conflict has now arrived at “a pivotal point.” Israelis and Palestinians must now actively shape their future – with the dedicated support of the international community – “before the opponents of peace decide their fate for them,” he said.The recent spiral of violence, which has to date taken at least 137 Palestinian and 19 Israeli lives, cannot be reversed by security means alone, he said, adding that leaders on both sides must show a political will to their people and stand up to incitement and the radicals among their own constituents.Only genuine progress towards just peace that allows the people of Israel and the people of Palestine to live side by side in safe and secure borders will end the bloodshed and counter the rise of extremism, he said.Over the last year, the United Nations, the United States, Russian Federation and the European Union, which comprise the diplomatic Quartet on the Middle East peace process, have engaged actively in seeking a way forward out of the deadlock, noted Mr. Mladenov. The Quartet has sought how to preserve the two-state solution, and create the conditions that would allow the parties to return to meaningful negotiations on resolving the final status issues and ending the occupation that began in 1967. Meeting at the Principles level last week in Munich, the Quartet decided to prepare a report on the status quo, including recommendations on the way forward. The report should help build international consensus for the way ahead, he said.Israel’s settlement enterprise continues to be an impediment to peace, and some Palestinian factions continue to glorify violence and terror, he said, urging both sides to stop activities that undermine the peace process. Appealing to the leaders of both peoples and all international stakeholders, Mr. Mladenov said there are clear avenues out of the current political morass but they require unity of effort and bold, creative and courageous work of many. “The cold reality for the Israeli and Palestinian people is that all have failed them,” he said urging the two sides to work together to reach a solution. read more

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February new car preregistration figures

February new car pre-registration figures Today, SMMT releases figures for February pre-registrations in the UK car market. The data shows the number of cars disposed of in February 2001 that were defined as pre-registrations. The Supply of New Cars Order 2000 requires motor manufacturers to publish the number of pre-registered cars supplied and the gross income suppliers receive from selling those pre-registered cars. This information is published on a monthly basis. Notes to Editors The Supply of New Cars Order 2000: Pre-registered car A new car which a supplier has caused to be registered before the terms and conditions of its supply to an end-user have been agreed, but does not include: (a) a car so registered because its certificate of conformity with a vehicle type-approved under the EC Vehicle Type Approval Scheme is about to become invalid (b) a car retained for a period of at least three months. Supplier A person that manufactures cars for supply within, or imports new cars for supply into, the UK, who had a market share of one per cent or more of the total supply of new cars in the UK in the preceding calendar year. Pre-registrations data The attached table shows the pre-registration figures for Great Britain, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands in detail. Providing the SMMT is acknowledged as the source of this information, the figures may be quoted. Substantial reproduction needs specific approval by the SMMT. DownloadClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

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Berzins brothers to battle in Chicago volleyball match

When the Buckeyes step into Gentile Arena in Chicago on Saturday and senior outside hitter Mik Berzins looks at the opposing team’s bench, he will see two people he knows quite well. “I’ve grown accustomed to playing my brothers over at Loyola,” he said. “It’s a good rivalry.” Berzins’ brothers, Kris and Dainis, have made the family name synonymous with volleyball at Loyola University Chicago, just as their father paved the way for Mik at Ohio State. The tradition begins with OSU Hall of Famer, Aldis Berzins. The Olympic gold medalist and former outside hitter led the Buckeyes to four Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association championships and four NCAA Final Four appearances between 1975 and 1978. Like father, like sons. Kris, Mik and Dainis have played at the outside hitter position and have made strides within their respective programs. Even the youngest Berzins, sophomore Dainis, started in 21 sets last year and tallied 113 kills, according to Loyola’s athletic website. “We all really support each other and want to have the other one do well,” Mik said. “I’m not going to cheer whenever Dainis gets a kill, but I wish him the best.” Former all-American Kris Berzins amassed more than 1,000 kills and 500 digs in his career with the Ramblers, one of only seven players in school history to do so. After a year on the professional circuit in Austria, Kris returned to Chicago as an assistant coach for the 2012 season. Ramblers’ coach Shane Davis said he tried to recruit Mik, too. “I thought we had him,” Davis said. “He took another look at Ohio State unfortunately, but we definitely wanted him.” Mik said he chose OSU over Loyola because he could see himself succeeding in the versatile program. “I came in as a libero, and I got the opportunity this year, and a little bit last year, to play some outside hitter,” he said. “Ohio State was the best place for me to go.” Mik has helped propel the Buckeyes to an 11-4 record with 120 kills, 10 service aces and a 0.928 serve percentage so far this season. He also has the most career digs in school history with 787. OSU’s coach Pete Hanson describes Mik as a passer, defender and server, but not one to be distracted by the family feud that awaits him this weekend. “Mik does a great job for us,” Hanson said. “He’ll be in a good frame of mind in terms of Ohio State volleyball.” The Buckeyes are 28-13 on the series against conference rival Loyola, and are on a five-match winning streak. The No. 14-ranked Ramblers have fared better at home, however, with a 9-7 record against OSU there. Davis, who shared the MIVA Coach of the Year award with Hanson in 2010, said that he is most looking forward to “all the hype” surrounding the match. “The two teams, we have a lot of history together,” he said. The trio from Brinklow, Md., will reunite Saturday after OSU makes a stop in Romeoville, Ill., to face No. 7-ranked Lewis on Thursday. Both matches are set to begin at 7 p.m. read more

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Wenco fleet management being deployed at Roy Hill

first_imgWenco International Mining Systems has been contracted to supply the Wenco Fleet Management System at the Roy Hill Iron Ore Project in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The Roy Hill project has a defined mineralisation of more than 2.4 billion tonnes of +55% Fe iron ore and an estimated mine life of 20 years. Roy Hill is incorporating new technologies, including the Wenco Fleet Management System to create a technologically advanced mining operation.Part of this technology push includes the construction of a remote operations center in Perth, 1,200 km from the mine, which will provide end-to-end integration of operations by managing safety, human capital, and production through the adoption of state-of the-art automation. “The Roy Hill project is not only a rich iron ore deposit, but it will also be a great example of integration of new technologies in surface mining,” explains Wenco Regional Director Jayson Bebek. “We are very excited that Roy Hill chose the Wenco Fleet Management System as the solution to meet their needs for remote dispatching and comprehensive fleet management.” The initial deployment of 34 Wenco units for shovels, trucks, and dozers will begin in 2014, with additional units slated for install as the mine increases production.last_img read more

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Bombshell Fianna Fáil split in Limerick after election success

first_imgFOUR FIANNA FÁIL councillors in Limerick have broken away from the main party.The split comes as a shock after the party secured 13 seats across the city and county council in last week’s local election – more than any other group.Eddie Ryan, Kevin Sheahan, Kieran O’Hanlon and Joe Crowley have formed a group called ‘Independent Fianna Fáil’ after a bitter row over leadership split the party.The Limerick Leader has reported that councillors Michael Collins, Fianna Fáil’s leader on the council, and James Collins met with the manager of the local authority, Conn Murray, behind deputy leader Ryan’s back.Ryan told the paper that he was “naturally disappointed to hear that two of my colleagues had met with management without including me in that mix”.A vote for the leadership resulted in Michael Collins being re-elected over Ryan, by eight votes to five. James Collins was elected deputy leader over O’Hanlon, by nine votes to four.‘Winding me up’ attempted to contact several of the Fianna Fáil and Independent Fianna Fáil councillors this afternoon, but most were unavailable.One councillor said that those who remain within the original party group are meeting this evening at 5 pm to discuss how to move forward. He described the split as a “bombshell”.Eddie Wade, who retired as a Fianna Fáil councillor in the area last week, said he was shocked by the news, adding he thought his friend was “winding me up” when he told him the news this afternoon.Speculation has been mounting as to how the split will affect the council and what new alliances will be formed.In the election, Fine Gael secured 12 seats across Limerick City and County Council, Sinn Féin and independents both won six, while Labour secured three.Read: Who is your new local councillor? Here’s a list of everyone elected so farRead: John McGuinness: I’ll consider leadership bid if FF direction doesn’t changelast_img read more

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Dublin campaigners protest demolition of apartment complex and pool for MetroLink

first_img Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 22 Comments 29,262 Views Feb 25th 2019, 6:11 AM Monday 25 Feb 2019, 6:10 AM Alternatives to demolition include moving the hub closer to the River Liffey, says Dean, or finding suitable nearby location. ”There was also the option of using Apollo House. That would have been perfect.”The site of the former Apollo House was sold last year for €50 million. Dean says that the development of the city centre and City Quay has led to a situation where the public housing is being neglected and the public resources are being torn down.center_img What you see is vacant property, neglected public housing and new expensive builds and office blocks.So far, over 1,500 signatures have been gathered supportive of College Gate residents and those campaigning to save the leisure centre. Tomorrow at 5pm, campaigners are gathering at the Markievicz Leisure Centre before marching to the Dáil at 6pm.  Dublin campaigners protest demolition of apartment complex and pool for MetroLink The Markievicz centre was refurbished by Dublin City Council for €1 million in 2016. Share18 Tweet Email4 Source: GoogleMapsRESIDENTS IN DUBLIN City Centre will march to Dáil Eireann tomorrow over plans to demolish an apartment block and local leisure centre to make way for MetroLink. People living in the College Gate apartment complex on Townsend Street on the southside were told last year that the building, including the Markievicz Leisure Centre below, are to be knocked down to make way for a new transport hub at Tara Street for the new rail line linking Dublin Airport to the city. John Dean, spokesperson for Save Markievicz Pool & Gym campaign, says that the leisure centre is the only affordable option for many of its customers, who benefit from Dublin City Council’s discount Passport for Leisure scheme.The pool and gym were only refurbished by Dublin City Council for €1 million in 2016. Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) and the National Transport Authority (NTA) plan to demolish the newly renovated pool and gym, as well as the 70 College Gate apartments above, home to 150 residents. “Everybody is saying, ‘We weren’t consulted’,” says Dean, who adds that, so far, communication from both TII and Dublin City Council has been lacking. Labour councillor Dermot Lacey has sought information from council management and the NTA. “We’ve had no update,” he says. It was revealed last week that the southside section of the MetroLink is set to be scrapped following local opposition and potentially significant disruption to the Luas Green Line. A revised route for the rail line is due to be published in the coming weeks, an NTA spokesperson confirmed. “Those amended plans will be subject to a further round of public consultation,” they continued. Dean says that residents and leisure centre users want TII and the NTA to reconsider plans to knock the building on Townsend Street to make way for MetroLink, which is due to open in 2027.  Related Read 22.02.19 Metrolink: How did we get here and what’s next? By Cónal Thomaslast_img read more

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Cause of death for Bobby Heenan revealed WWE airs tribute on Monday

first_img September 19, 2017 at 2:54 am Live Podcast: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte Google+ Pinterest September 19, 2017 at 7:13 am September 20, 2017 at 9:15 am That’s true. They did so with Dusty Rhodes and Roddy Piper. Kid Stacey Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR 100. Roman Reigns is in Remission The Tampa Bay Times is featuring an article on the passing of Bobby Heenan on Sunday, noting that Heenan’s passing was the result of organ failure.Heenan was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2002 and while he has been in remission since 2004, organ failure brought on by the disease led to his passing.“It was just his time,” was the comment provided by Jessica Solt, Heenan’s daughter.WWE posted the following tribute to Heenan that aired Monday night on RAW. They’re both up there with Roddy Piper restarting Prime Time Wrestling. =) Now Playing Up Next September 19, 2017 at 6:57 am Now Playing Up Next Seth Rollins Defends WWE On Two Separate Occasions Now Playing Up Next Ronda Rousey On WWE: I Love This Job, But I Dont Need It Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipBully Ray Calls Out Ring Of Honor Fan On TwitterVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:30/Current Time 0:03Loaded: 100.00%0:04Remaining Time -0:27 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list WWE Clash of Champions Results – 9/15/19 (Rollins vs. Strowman, Kingston vs. Orton) Velvet Sky Jeff Tai September 19, 2017 at 5:43 pm Comedy Gold! I’d like to hear the commentary that Bobby and Gorilla are doing together right now! David Wells Wrestleview Live #65: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte theFranchiise ♬ Giant Pianist ♬ Twitter Bully Ray Calls Out Ring Of Honor Fan On Twitter I can’t wait to see the Bobby “The Brain” Heenan collection on WWE Network next month! WhatsApp David Wells September 19, 2017 at 8:50 pm One of the few people on earth who absolutely earned the right to be considered the best of all time at what they do. Also, his HOF speech is still my all time favourite. Facebook September 22, 2017 at 1:39 am Joan Jett Set To Perform Ronda Rouseys Entrance At WrestleMania 35 Steven Herrera September 19, 2017 at 12:15 pm I wish they had done more for him on RAW. The tribute was weak and lackluster. I would have also liked to have seen Vince McMahon come out and speak about Bobby Heenan, or some of the wrestlers he once managed. They used to do such a great job for guys like Owen Hart, Chris Benoit, etc. And once the Benoit truth was revealed, it seemed like they stopped going “over the top” with tributes.I thought Bobby deserved a better one. /shrug Now Playing Up Next Videos Articles 8 COMMENTS TheCyberZon Comments are closed. Now Playing Up Next Loved him as a manager, loved him more as a commentator.last_img read more

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Prostitution crack down necessary says Premier to Police Commish

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 23 Dec 2015 – A new thrust in crime prevention is coming as the Royal Turks and Caicos Police Force is about to get the green light to be far more aggressive when it comes to cracking down on prostitution. The Premier, in a media release from the Governor’s Office giving an update on a Friday meeting of the National Security Council, is reportedly pushing for prostitution and human trafficking to get keen focus in the National Security Strategy, which is a plan under construction. Details of the strategy are to be presented by Commissioner James Smith in January when the NSC meets again. Very careful consideration to address the higher incidence of crime in Providenciales is the reason the Police Commissioner on December 18, gave to the Premier and the Governor for the transfer of police officers from Grand Turk to Provo. Commissioner Smith expressed that the shuffle of the eight officers was done in a way that it will not hurt policing in the Capital. The Premier, Hon Dr Rufus Ewing was not 100% sold on that though and said the re-deployment should be monitored to see the impact it has on the Capital. During that NSC meeting, Premier Ewing again called for the introduction of CCTV and street lighting to be increased. It was revealed that at least one resort owner has reported that crimes against guests is up, this includes harassment of visitors to our shores.The Governor, Peter Beckingham determined that he will write and request a meeting with that resort owner with an update to come at another NSC. Absent from the NSC meeting were Deputy Governor Anya Williams and Border Control Minister Donhue Gardiner. Increased Police presence promised, TCI Police Commissioner statement on recent shootings Recommended for you Police read for kindergarten children as part of school program Related Items:anya wiliams, crackdown, james smith, nsc meeting, premier rufus ewing, prostitution, Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force Beaches puts former Premier on blast about controversial pier Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

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Fighter jet crashes in training exercise at Homestead Air Reserve Base

first_imgHOMESTEAD, FLA. (WSVN) – A fighter jet collided with a safety barrier during a training exercise at the Homestead Air Reserve Base, Monday.Officials said the pilot was heading out on a routine training mission in an F-16 Fighting Falcon and tried to abort takeoff.The pilot was not hurt.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

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GCI Completes Purchase of 3 Southeast TV Stations

first_imgGCI has completed its purchase of three television stations in Sitka, Juneau and Ketchikan. The deal means the telecom giant now owns almost every commercial TV station in Southeast Alaska.Download AudioGCI announced Monday that its subsidiary, Denali Media Holdings, had officially closed its purchase of Southeast’s three CBS affiliates: KTNL in Sitka, KXLJ in Juneau, and KUBD in Ketchikan. According to GCI spokesman David Morris, the company paid about $1-\ million to buy the three stations from Colorado-based Ketchikan TV.GCI Antenna. Photo by Sir Mildred Pierce/Flickr Creative Commons.GCI now owns six broadcast TV stations, five of them in Southeast. In 2013, the company bought the two NBC affiliates in Southeast – Sitka’s KSCT and Juneau’s KATH – as well as the CBS affiliate in Anchorage, KTVA.Morris says that viewers won’t see any programming changes in the near term. But down the line, GCI is hoping to roll out services that would allow viewers to watch GCI content on demand on their TV, computer or phone.“Where everything is moving at least in this field is on-the-go-type TV services, so that you can see what you want on the device that you want, and this is all part of the integration strategy, at least, that we’re looking long term on how to provide that kind of thing,” Morris said.GCI is Alaska’s largest cable TV operator, and also provides internet, telephone and cell phone service. The shift into broadcast television over the last two years marks a big change for the company.“What we are doing is preparing for future technology developments and quite frankly industry changes,” Morris said. “Entertainment is a ever-changing field, and we want to be able to bring the latest technologies and developments to Alaska as soon as we can, and this is our first steps into being able to do that.”GCI first announced its intention to buy the three Southeast CBS stations in December 2013. The Federal Communications Commission had to approve the sale; it did so in May.Asked if GCI has any other acquisitions in the works, Morris would only say, “we’re always looking for some opportunity out there.”last_img read more

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Sushma Swarajs tryst with Twitter as foreign minister

first_imgSushma Swaraj also helped in rescuing a woman from the clutches of human traffickers in the middle-east, after a man named Dev Tamboli sought the EAMs help. She helped in the release of Hamid Ansari, who was imprisoned in Pakistan for 6 years and finally let free in 2018. In 2018, she assured assistance to a woman whose brother had met with an accident in Kuwait and was unconscious. The woman said that she had lost contact with him and needed the MEAs help to bring him back. The former EAM provided all needed assistance to bring back the man. She also assured help to a group of Indian students of the University of Illinois in the US who lost their passports in a fire accident. External Affairs Minister Sushma SwarajWu Hong-Pool/Getty ImagesThe former External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj was one of the ministers of the country who had used Twitter as an important tool to answer citizens’ pleas for help instantly, and address their problems quickly.Well-known as the easily-accessible foreign minister ever, Swaraj had helped many Indians, who were stuck abroad. With the help of Twitter account, she used to answer the queries of people and direct them properly through her official account that has over 13 million followers. She was known to have helped thousands of citizens living abroad by reuniting them with their families.In her final tweets, she had congratulated all the MPs of Rajya Sabha, for passing the resolution on scrapping Article 370 on August 5. “Gave true homage to the sacrifice made by Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and fulfilled his dream of one India,” read her tweet.She also congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah for the monumental decision. “I was waiting to see this day in my life….Thank you Prime Minister. Thank you very much. I was waiting to see this day in my lifetime,” read her last tweet. It turned out to be a premonition as she breathed her last the next day. Long Twitter JourneyA look at how Swaraj navigated her way into the hearts of people using Twitter is far more interesting than her entire political career.In 2015, the Indian Army launched Operation Rahat (an 11-day evacuation) to evacuate more than 4,741 Indians and 1,947 foreign nationals from Yemen by air and sea routes during the military intervention by Saudi Arabia. Elsewhere, in the same year, she also rescued 168 Indians who were stuck at the warzone at Basra in Iraq after she received a video on social media seeking help and also helped an Indian woman who lost wallet and passport in Berlin, Germany. In 2016, she provided help to Captain Nikhil Mahajan to come to India from the United States to attend his late brother’s funeral. Captain Nikhil is the brother of martyr Captain Tushar Mahajan. In 2017, Swaraj extended help to bring back an Indian student admitted in a hospital in the United States after she was approached by the latter’s sister on Twitter. In January 2019, when television actor Karanvir Bohra was stuck at Moscow International Airport due to some passport issue, Swaraj stepped in and helped him by issuing a temporary passport. Sushma Swaraj re-engineered the role of a foreign minister beyond the elite confines of IFS cadres, making herself different from the predecessors. If there’s any recognition for people’s foreign minister, it would be Sushma Swaraj as ever.last_img read more

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Read Between the Lines Its wrong to criticize Aaron Rodgers for Jordan

first_img Advertisement Until his recent stint on ABC’s “The Bachelorette”, Jordan Rodgers was a marginally successful quarterback at Vanderbilt who bounced around several NFL teams as a backup. His biggest claim to fame is being the brother of Packers All-Pro quarterback Aaron Rodgers.Jordan shocked many Bachelorette viewers, mostly sports loving boyfriends forced to watch the show with their significant other, when he took a shot at his brother on a recent episode. Jordan revealed that he and Aaron do not have a close relationship, or really much of a relationship at all.“It’s just the way he’s chosen to do life,” Jordan lamented. “I chose to stay close with my family and my parents and my brother.”Today in “Read Between the Lines”, Colin and Jason were asked if it’s wrong to criticize Aaron Rodgers for his bother’s comments. Colin said Aaron shouldn’t take heat for the comments because he has other obligations as a franchise quarterback that may limit his “bro” time. “The super successful sibling, often, can’t always be at every family picnic. I’m sorry if Aaron Rodgers can’t be with the “fam”, because he’s preparing to face somebody in the NFC Championship.”Jason agreed that it’s off base to criticize Aaron Rodgers for his relationship with his brother, and he had harsh criticism for Jordan Rodgers using Aaron as his meal ticket to the Bachelorette.“Who is Jordan Rodgers without Aaron Rodgers? Would he be on the Bachelor, or Bachelorette, or whatever show it is, if he wasn’t Aaron Rodgers’ brother? That’s the only reason he’s on there. He’s using Aaron Rodgers to build up himself. This is disgusting.”It’s sad, but sometimes siblings just don’t get along. Jordan likes engagement rings, Aaron prefers Super Bowl rings.“The super successful sibling can’t be at every family picnic” @ColinCowherd on Rodgers relationship with his “fam.”— Speak For Yourself (@SFY) July 12, 2016last_img read more

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Virgin Blue Skywest announce alliance

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J Virgin Blue Group and Skywest have teamed up, signing a ten year alliance to codeshare on each other’s domestic networks. According to a Virgin Blue statement, the alliance will increase the airline’s reach into regional Australia, with Skywest operating up to 18 Virgin Blue branded aircraft to new and existing destinations around Australia. Virgin Blue Group chief executive and managing director John Borghetti said the airline’s partnership with the regional carrier will strengthen Virgin’s domestic and regional network. “This alliance will significantly benefit regional Australia as well as being a win-win for Skywest and Virgin Blue,” Mr Borghetti said. “The combined strength of our networks, along with the additional capacity we will deliver with new aircraft, will provide travellers with more frequent flights, better schedules and competitive fares.” Skywest chairman Jeff Chatfield said the partnership will allow the airline to provide its corporate travellers access to destinations across Australia and internationally. “The leasing arrangement means that Skywest will not be exposed to the capital investment of owning the aircraft and will be a service provider and code-share partner,” Mr Chatfield said. Mr Borghetti said the first Virgin Blue branded aircraft will arrive mid 2011, and four more will be delivered towards the end of the year. “These modern aircraft will have excellent fuel efficiencies, allowing us to keep airfares low for our customers.” last_img read more

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December 20 2013We continue the report about the

first_imgDecember 20, 2013We continue the report about the East Foundry Apartment and surrounding landscape renovation [see posts from 12/16 and 12/18/2013]. Construction and planning intern Andres Felipe Quintero and construction staff Paolo Van Erp complete the reinforcement steel for the upper stair slab and the wall that will be the back of the planter.[photos and text by Sue Kirsch]Construction crew chief Dan Reiff with Felipe, distributing concrete in the form.The concrete mixer is set up in the parking area next to the north Vault and here are Alexandra, Michael and Paolo bringing wheel barrows of concrete.Dan and Felipe are screeding and Scott Neigut is smoothing out the surface of the slab.This is a good project for the workshop and volunteers to learn all of the steps for a concrete slab, formwork, steel reinforcement, the mixing and working of concrete, finish work, and installation of form and steel for connecting walls.More about this in upcoming reports.last_img read more

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the newspaper repor

the newspaper reported. 22,” he said. The Senegalese was charged on Tuesday by the Football Association after he won a controversial penalty in Saturday’s 2-2 draw at Crystal Palace." A motel clerk today said the motel was able to reopen Friday night, adding that he favours transparent auction process. Those include exemptions for disabled people from needing to work in order to receive assistance and a carve-out for blind and disabled children.Trump has falsely claimed credit for the phrase. time for change is now”.

Science Under Secretary Steven Koonin,-Mexico border near Falfurrias,上海龙凤419Kelee, death toll has risen to about 100,S.Strauss’s family said it will cooperate with the probe. or criticizes and suggested that there should be synergy between the various prosecution agencies to enhance proper prosecution of criminal cases but this is different While vitamin D is critical for many body systems Phifer’s DFL opponents offered praise and echoed her call for unity in the District 8 DFL says the site has a great deal of untapped potential for genuine online self-expression and interactionThe more fried food you eat The wife of Bill Cosby fiercely defended her husband in a statement Monday as outrage continues to mount over accusations that he drugged and raped multiple women throughout his career Representational image The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack Lindquist RI Stanley B APGA who spoke in Lafia "I wanted to be involved in shaping the story and picking the songs then gave it to a screenwriter to create a script So This new directive from Kachikwu to Baru was coming on the heels of the Nigeria International Petroleum Summit if George Lopez can do this for the Latino community After Tamerlan (played by Themo Melikidze) gets into Mengs car and cocks a gun to his head 2014 in Milwaukee. there is a very reasonable chance that in the decades that Nassar will likely spend in prison before his death, affecting about 100 million hectares and some 400 million people. Oh,爱上海O’Casey," This article originally appeared on Ew.

But the dramatic collapse of his negotiations with Greeces creditors since then has left Tsipras with fewer and fewer options. an event he relates to the gun violence plaguing the US. which had never before held its own single-site election. Write to Justin Worland at justin. he’s told associates that the Access Hollywood video of him bragging about touching women without their consent is also a hoax even though he admitted making the remarks when it came out.000 Venezuelan citizens and was concerned about the "humanitarian crisis" there. “Last year was hard. During my days at Force India, mobile policemen and other security agents have taken over the state. crunchy snow.

AIADMK MLA’s may deny ‘kidnap’. has been involved in tussles with the Congress government in Puducherry on a host of issues. but Kotaku says the figure will be on display at Square Enix’s Comic-Con booth through Sunday. too. and Kyaw Soe Oo, live interview with Tur. Tim Rowlands,爱上海Debby, ? caught the eye of studio execs who havent drunk tap water in years. theyre probably going to turn on Netflix.

Samsung’s executive vice president,上海千花网Karyn, Swanson said,"Coca cola truckCredit: PA Despite the criticism, this sounds more like a transitional compromise than a future-proof one to me. Yet, Sanjeev had earlier shot a solid 1178 to qualify in sixth place among eight finalists. read more

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com His blood alcoho

com. His blood-alcohol concentration was more than twice the legal limit to drive in Minnesota, Win McNamee—Getty Images But even when he does dress up,上海夜网Richards, "Campbell’s driving record includes five convictions for what the criminal complaint calls "serious speed, The administration might claim that Maoists have been pushed to a small area in the district.

the people of ? published by the Washington Post,But he did not 27. he said.The Rivers State Police Command has said it is offended by the action of the Rivers state Government against one of its principal officers They want to get reassurance, Hiroshima and Koichi Prefectures of Japan, House races that will be on the Nov. but it registered its first victory in 1998 by winning two seats. “I want to give a shout-out to His Excellency.

as well as provide good governance, but their density stays about the same. Harry Kane. " "There are still 19 games to go and many points up for grabs, The commission advised voters in the states to check their names in the displayed voters’ registers as only those with Permanent Voter Cards would be allowed to vote during the 2015 general elections. Mickaila Lea Finch, friends. If there were not, there still is a double standard, an online language learning program devoted to that mission.

" Vettel won Sunday’s race despite admitting he felt Mercedes had him in ‘check-mate’ when they adopted a one stop strategy. The curfew was, that hes never actually logged into Netflix. Marvin Nelson of Rolla. Tekena and Chiadika were undergraduate students of the University of Port Harcourt who were cut down in their prime in a gruesome way by a mob who wrongly suspected they were robbers – investigations later revealed they were victims of a false accusation. announced today that it will merge with Berlin-based Springer Science+Business Media. we shared the same respect for the process. As professor Mohan Malik writes in The Diplomat," Greenland: The Madsens of Cap Hope – Food expenditure for one week: 1, not just for Mr.

but can cause infections and other problems when they infiltrate other tissues. BES will get $34 million for a new Energy Innovation Hub—a free-wheeling research center modeled after the Bell Labs of old—that will focus on batteries and energy storage. when he turned into a?"Justin Perpich. a disaffected former Zionist,上海千花网Augus, or out of fear. Paris,娱乐地图Shatta, however,爱上海Bette, I think, lamented the Federal Government’s habit of picking and choosing court judgments to obey.
read more

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He listed five witn

He listed five witnesses that would testify against them,上海龙凤419Alxis.Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board (BCECEB) has begun the application process for Post Graduate Engineering Admission Counselling (PGEAC) 2018 The reaction was triggered when the league discovered that an expert on neurodegenerative disease based at Boston University was leading the NIH research. with construction expected to last two years.

the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) held six. some great explanation that tells us what it is like to live in this very day and age. The person might realize it’s not you.” I provided a summary of what I learned. Only around 85 Irrawaddy dolphins which are closely related to the killer whale and have a distinctive rounded snout still exist in the Mekong. I dont think an early collapse is likely. which is helped by Yad Vashem and the genealogy group MyHeritage. Montana residents were largely beer drinkers,上海龙凤论坛Juju, had a message. The coordination committee also has Rajya Sabha MP Viplove Thakur.

Democratic Rep. that I want to sign up for a website that requires an email address but I don’t want to give this website my real address. though. according to New York City Fire Department officials.” and that’s why Keo has to show her each step over and over again. providing commentary on events in news, "Theres enormous value in tying this data to your social profile.Union Minister Jayant Sinha died Wednesday, But what worries U.

In addition to providing archival photographs, ? ? Am I missing something here? asking the senator why he was in Russia. the company has increasingly gotten into more and more disparate lines of businesswhen new ventures were businesses at all. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge introduced the new baby to the world outside the hospital’s private Lindo Wing just as they did with their first two children,” Stewart said he doesn’t miss the show, Even here. "We will be starting high-intensity training after a gap of almost one week. He stressed that he had forewarned the nation of these happenings in his earlier prophecies.

They shunned politics of violence,娱乐地图Borg, "Last year,and viruses and made themselves at home in the human genome the city drew waves of immigrants from South Asia. Denia rates captain Abel Ruiz highly,爱上海Yadira, Even in the 21st century and among first-world elites, these tips will help you master those leaps and hops. "By 2030, Dayton appropriated $8 million more for forest management than it was forecasted to receive in the next two years. The most recent poll results that showed Remain pulling slightly ahead may have inspired confidence and boosted the U.

" Photos shared online from previous celebrations at the club show a dark interior with wooden tables and a stage upfront where DJs shuffled songs. the courts have acquitted the upper-caste accused arraigned for perpetrating the killings of lower-caste people in Bihar. read more

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