Classification of Web site right down and Countermeasures

the slight drop right main performance: the snapshot will stop after 10 days, the original article page does not update the snapshot. (most of the time is the problem I love Shanghai); included slow, sometimes many days to send original collection. Little effect of tiny drop right about the site, new sites if one is not careful may show this situation, so subtle right down without a care, only needs to do our usual work for

what kind of website is a serious drop right? Usually, search the domain name of the website, the first three pages can’t find search website; website name can not find, the worst is the direct search domain are wood, for example, " Shanghai Longfeng " the first three pages can’t find search; once included in the page title, no ranking; website home page and page is full of K, these kinds of situation, to clarify the website was serious drop right, love Shanghai in general, this situation needs a long time to restore the site weight, if is new sites, recommended to replace or re start the domain name

! !

said above, many of my friends have encountered, I believe some factors after looking back that a web site is down right now, we do stand is the most critical, so that it can help to restore the weight! These are some of the outside of the chain to add the thoughts, hope to everyone assist. The original starting A5, if reproduced, urge and link from 贵族宝贝taofuqi贵族宝贝, as a webmaster, thank you


was once again. The classification of the site today Fu and right down measures, I talked about love in the analysis of Shanghai recent website drop right phenomenon in the text, then the Domain results reflect the level of the site down the right, at a certain level, the level of which eventually drop right? > 1,


2, middle right down

site is down right is the webmaster has been reluctant to see things, but each search engine adjustment, will make a lot of friends in the right down dilemma. My hand on a few sites some time ago also suffer different levels right down, but

serious drop right !3, a slight drop right

this situation mainly in the following aspects: direct search website, search results in the first; search the site title, on the first page, but the front pages of other sites. (other website home page is not included in the search); to complete the page title, no ranking; included in the site ceased, and included before being cut down to and from time to time, only the home page. The middle level of the right down, to the keyword ranking will be affected, but usually the common long tail keywords is not affected, the demand of original content updated from time to time and increase the high quality links, ordinary 10 – 60 days can restore

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High weight engine is a process of accumulation


2, be careful to do Links; find the old station, regular station to do friendship

3, clever increase high weight website link on your website; Shanghai, Shanghai love know love experience, Gao Quanzhong forum signature etc..


4, clever let netizens spontaneously to give you the chain; this need your site has high quality, useful to the user of the article can, if there is a good article, users will be unable to restrain the emotions copy to your own blog, micro-blog. To automatically add links to your site when they copy. This produces a stable chain.

The second key contents of Now

1, seriously to raise good blog; persevere a blog, send the chain, Bowen quality to pass.

CMS is perfect, with the remaining CMS site after the completion of the promotion is to enrich the content, do! And do content, it is simply Shanghai dragon, is also a process of accumulating! Is not desirable to do content acquisition, not a sustained development of the road. Since the acquisition, can only be done by hand, hand done slowly, you do a few months the content may be in the sea of the Internet is also a drop in the bucket. Therefore, we must continue to improve the long-term, to enrich. Slowly you will find your site better

, I want to add that you can copy others on the site, but the copy of the content must have their own unique things, like the title of the special, special summary etc..

everyone now generally reflect more and more difficult to do stand, do stand at the early stage of the most popular or on the search engine. Arising from the owners of Shanghai Dragon Technology sustained high enthusiasm. But many webmaster found that, even with some mature Shanghai Dragon technology to do a website, your website in a very long period of time the weight is not high. The engine continues to suck, so many webmaster confused… So in the end how to get the engine high weight?? below I write a personal experience.

third: the long-term accumulation of membership.

above all need long-term accumulation, long-term down effect is very good!

now we do website content to do, do the promotion, but not a big problem, is to maintain your website registered as a member of the user! If do bear breaking corn, breaking a fall one, what you do pre >

: the first long-term, serious to the accumulation of the content of the web site.

Shanghai Longfeng technology is to increase the external links. Now many online articles on how to fast increase the chain, I personally feel that these methods can only be regarded as heresy, cannot go when the mainstream method to do! The chain should be a long-term process of accumulation, I feel the need to do the following methods: reliable

second: follow the prescribed order, rational foundation to increase the chain.

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After the website search engine how to regain favor

three: the stability of the

after the revision of the website content must be vacant, it requires patience every day to regularly update the website content, the revision of the weight is reduced, so it is best to put their own original work, which is beneficial to the spider to know your website, content to be similar to the best aspects of the revised website content match, in order to achieve the effect to be made. Can not find the original but also the appropriate pseudo original, just copy and paste is not possible to regain the favor of search engine. Update step by step to have the law, must not be a lot of updates or several days to update.

Faced with

two: the site outside the chain

website update, sure to let search engines have a chance to know you, this is the most effective way of the chain to sell their new look for the best. Of course, the quality of the chain or to the pursuit of high quality, a high quality of the chain is worth ten of spam links. Here the author will first write soft adding outside chain, for example, A5 is an excellent soft release platform, through A5 issued by a soft, will soon have a lot of websites reproduced, virtually help you increase the chain in various forms, is very conducive to enhance the weight of the website. There is Links, as far as possible to find some revision and their related links to content to do, it can also speed up the search engine for your new understanding and weight evaluation.


website can be said to be from the railway station to start, so make sure your server stable enough, if your server is not stable, and the revised weight was low, so even if you do so outside the chain of high quality how good content, people are reluctant to come is a spider. Such a truth, so after the revision should pay special attention to the stability of the server.

website may be a problem with some owners have to face, although the website for the website included the weight will have a great impact, but also to seek better development after the revision of the. As a novice webmaster to like to do a novel station, the space is not enough, and do not want to pay big bucks to buy a server, then only the website revision, is the result of love Shanghai included large number, long time not updated snapshot, many webmaster then anxious, in fact as long as you do the following can re search engine.

four: better mentality

: update

here talked about the mentality of the problem, I have a deep impression, after the website you may snapshot a week to ten days, or even a month will not be updated every time you love Shanghai, check their Shanghai Longfeng found love Shanghai included only one page, or before the front page of the site, this time a lot of webmaster might be discouraged, think their transformation is a failure. In fact, this is not the case, the search engine to know you also need some.


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Do not fight no battle unprepared do the preparatory work before the Shanghai Dragon


plan with respect to the scheme is much simpler, why to plan? Shanghai Longfeng work is not casual, planning is very important, for example, you update many articles a day, how much the chain, how long a data flow analysis, which can not be ignored. The plan does not require, Shanghai dragon can be ER in accordance with the provisions of the site itself and in their own time, do it properly and logically arranged.

did not understand a lot of Shanghai dragon people will say: Shanghai dragon is a pure manual work can be done without preparation. This view is a misunderstanding of Shanghai dragon obviously, Shanghai dragon and other work, are in need of technology, need to prepare. According to my observation, in fact, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon often received a list after the beginning of the update, the crazy hair of the chain, the little work had not done, the effect is very little as can be imagined.

: the first scheme and plan

Shanghai dragon is not a qualified can depend on manual work, Shanghai dragon like fighting a battle, need to be well prepared to battle to win the final victory. According to the author’s experience, Shanghai Longfeng preparatory work can be divided into: the development of Shanghai dragon project and plan, collect the chain resources, to find the source of the three big jobs, each job is very important, the following detailed analysis by the author one by one for all these preparations.

see here, there may be a lot of Shanghai dragon Er to the author Tucao: outside the chain of resources, I more is, why collect? Now love Shanghai foreign chain management has become.


a lot of Shanghai dragon Er think the development of Shanghai dragon scheme is senior consultant to Shanghai dragon do things, their rookie level can not make a complete scheme of Shanghai dragon. The author here asked the inferiority of Shanghai dragon er a problem: This program is to see who? Obviously, for myself, that is afraid of nothing shameful? Making Shanghai Longfeng scheme can let Shanghai Longfeng overall have a clear plan, can let the work become more effective. How to make a reasonable plan? Is not difficult, not to see the plan threshold so high, as long as you read the book can make a good plan. We can be divided into two aspects: first, the first analysis of its website, from the analysis of internal and external, according to the code of writing, the content of the original level, included the proportion, server space speed and other factors to find the problems and put forward the improving methods; second, analysis of the competitors in the same industry website, we know the web site the advantages and disadvantages, and refer to the direction of the construction content and the chain rivals. Finally, the two aspects together, and use their own language to express is a complete program, you still feel difficult to

second: collect the chain resources

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Entrepreneurship in Guangzhou 15 companies with raw materialsHan Zhiyong entrepreneurship is a long-

the following text for Han Zhiyong’s speech excerpts, without my review:

venture capital Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu hardware of the land of abundance of Shanghai, a city of Hangzhou, the Internet third…… "New shoots NewSeed" project "city unicorn" series, take you all over China’s best pioneering city of those unicorns or walk on the road unicorn. Look, in the cold winter, those who still live in the same type of start-up companies, rely on what?.

I’ve been graduating for 16 years and I’m really happy to see so many young, glowing faces. I would like to introduce my company where I am now. Percentage point technology may not be understood by most people. What we mainly do is big data. We help enterprises and organizations make big data applications and landing.

buta technology founder Ke Yuanda believes that Guangzhou is characteristic of entrepreneurial companies, affected by the city of traditional business thinking, so profit model and business direction are targeting money from the recent and fast place, cause more entrepreneurial companies and gaming business. Moreover, as a result of focusing on low profile money making, the ability to do brand and marketing is very lacking. Compared with Shenzhen, Guangzhou’s technological innovation is both inadequate and not enough.

lead2015, China’s venture capital industry has experienced a sudden transition from the hot winter to the winter. The hustle and bustle of Zhongguancun entrepreneurial street, from the "vote, vote, vote" to "winter", driving carefully". O2O P2P fried rotten, no sound, VC are cautious, rub heat entrepreneurs puzzled. However, as long as it is good seed, it will eventually germinate, blossom, and result. The cold of winter, the superiority of the start-up companies, still holding huge financing, playfully forward.

my personal experience is about two periods after graduation. The first section is the occupation managers from after graduation went to Lenovo, Lenovo and almost all companies have done in Lenovo from front-end sales, research and development, to the back-end supply chain what, basically have done, so stay a little more jobs. After seven years, I left Lenovo in 2005 and started working. After five years, I failed in business and then added a percentage point.

actually, my business started earlier

May 28, 2014, sponsored by IDG capital, the co sponsored IDG campus entrepreneurship competition will be held at University of Science & Technology China at the twelfth station. The campus entrepreneurship competition for all undergraduate and graduate students, designed to tap the campus genius developers and technical geeks.

percentage points, shared 7 years of experience in Lenovo and an entrepreneurial career at the university. As for the failure of entrepreneurship, Han Zhiyong’s lessons are: young people are passionate, but not sustainable. Starting a business is a long-distance race. What we need is a constant passion. Moreover, entrepreneurs need basic self preservation, especially in the process of entrepreneurship. In addition, he mentioned the importance of teamwork and execution.


most of the flowers, delicious Cantonese, high streets and back lanes congee soup…… When Spring Festival comes, here will be held once a year lunar new year fair, formerly known as the new year’s Eve about the flower market, began in the Ming dynasty. In ten, the The Strip, sea waves of flowers blooming like a piece of brocade. When you look at it, you can’t even start your business with the city, because you don’t see a spark of fireworks. But you have to admit, it’s a very commercial city.

billion boat: let drones abandon remote control

today, we’re talking about entrepreneurship, and I think today’s alumni are alumni, and I’m talking about dry goods. I don’t think there are many stories of success. I want to say something about my tumble.

you may have bought something on the Internet, the electricity supplier websites have a read this commodity or bought the goods users also bought what column recommended on the page, which is out of the goods are calculated by the algorithm points of the system, we are a company behind. So that the average consumer may not know.

but if so you think known as "Guangdong most probably it did not actually happen children intelligent hardware city" of Shenzhen, will be in business this matter rolling Guangzhou, that you hear the sound, only the face. The heat here is far from what I expected. In addition to vip, YY and other NASDAQ listed companies, in the past year, there are a lot of Guangzhou Unicorn potential start-ups emerge, they have received a large amount of financing. And so on, safely through the winter, perhaps they are the next entrepreneurial model,

big data is now a very hot topic, whether it is IBM or Intel, also put forward a variety of big data solutions in the market. We started in the market last year, pushing big data of our own services, we help enterprises to build a big data platform, we have our own unique algorithm, and in the following we can build a wide variety of applications. Our most successful application now is our percent personalized recommendation engine. Our recommendation engine has now served almost more than 1000 Internet Co in china.

Han Zhiyong, vice president of operations at

today, we approached Guangzhou.


billion is a technology company focused on unmanned aerial vehicles, founded in April 2014. It released its first UAV product, Ghost, in May 2014. Ghost drones do not need any assembly or extra remote controls. They can be controlled with the smart phone APP, which lowers the user’s threshold. In December 2014 to obtain $10 million in A round of financing, billion aircraft successfully completed the production of Ghost. 201>

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About the site’s relevance and refute the argument

, which is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er often hung in the mouth of the word, the hair of the chain to do correlation, the friends of the chain to choose keywords to correlation, correlation, micro-blog, blog have correlation. But what is the relationship between

for example you search the word of a gate, you will find at the bottom of the relevant search will look like this.

is a little knowledge of the people know that the gate and the gate is never mind, people can really say search gate is not to find the gate, and the gate will not want to buy this to a word search gate, there are some brand manufacturers and downstream products like cleaning machine. Here we can clearly find love Shanghai for the so-called relevance of search words in the search times accounted for the vast majority of proportion. So, what we have reason to believe that your advertorial or other optimization measures, the correlation is again high, as long as no one click, no one search, no reading, no one reproduced, your website can have.

say you love to eat instant noodles, eat a week away, two days to eat a very live, every day, every meal to eat instant noodles, don’t you think will eat vomit or malnutrition? In some industries, such as tourism, because too many things, day South to the north, at home and abroad, a few writers, a travel story can travel around the earth 365 times. The analogy is to have every day feast, but others have no opinion, but if you every day around a table, a chair, a machine, a piece of glass, a screw to write, can be said that the user experience will be very bad, people will not have the basic point of view.

so for me and what is the correlation? Remember and my friend Yu Lake discussed, love Shanghai has already made the most authoritative Association notes, that is at the bottom of the page search search. I believe that as long as a little common sense webmaster, optimization choice or the main keyword selection will include these related keywords at the bottom of the page. So these words are really not have relevance?.

? The correlation between But

but some smart people also have their own countermeasures, they chose their own industry upstream or downstream products as the main website to promote their own, for example, online customer service this thing, people do not write their own things how the guards, he wrote a note of website construction steps and related code. Micro-blog blog, or network marketing, maintenance and optimization of the views of Shanghai dragon. A very easy way out is also very consistent with the public taste, a focus on the flow and the operation cost of the novice webmaster or senior webmaster will be interested, and when interested in traffic, its downstream products, the correlation of online customer service will certainly be useless.

most people understand there are two, relatively low levels of understanding, I dug, then my profession is dug, I send the chain content must be dug, also have to find the coal chain, if all other numerous coal. In fact, this correlation was really high.

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Awesome statistics the analysis of the relationship between statistical thought and Shanghai Dragon


the average number of Statistics

mentioned above is similar, but also have different places, for a web site, if the total number of pages for 1.5W, and the A column number for 3000, B for 3000 C the number of columns, column number is 9000, then the three proportion were 20%, 20% and 50%, and if the key content of our site is placed in the A and B columns, then obviously, we need to adjust the direction of the site as a whole, this is a mistake many websites make. The ratio of actually meaning similarity it emphasizes the mutual proportion between parts, as in the above example, the ratio between B and C for the 1:3 column column. From this ratio can be seen in the website focus.


year on year and the chain by

year on year and the chain you may hear is not many, compared to the same period refers to the period at the same time and history were compared to the development and progress of the reaction of things; for example, the website on-line in the first month the proportion of total station > spiders to crawl the page

statistical average is a concept we often use, everyone but how to apply it in Shanghai for having heard it many times, the Dragon optimization field, is very simple, such as external links, we love Shanghai before the three page website — do statistics, get the total external links, then the average value. A data so obtained is we do stand in the a standard, after all know them to be through; for instance website operation after a period of time, through the IIS log statistics website each column of the spider crawling number, the total residence time of fish. It was a mean, that is lower than the average section of the need to strengthen the strategy to improve.

The percentage of The application of The percentage and the ratio of

is the percentage of the proportion of the total number of a number of Long Fengzhong in Shanghai, for example, the website page number is 5W, but only SE spider crawling 1W, then you can calculate the total is to grab the page digital 10000/50000 * 100% = 20%, obviously, the website included in a very ideal position; general "must be included 70-80% is an average, though the large site is not too easy, but we must ensure that the amount included in order to ensure the flow and use of similar points; for example, website optimization included percentage to 20% before, and after the complete system of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, included quantity 60%, then improve 40% percentage points.

proportion and ratio by

for large sites, do Shanghai Longfeng relates to data statistics and analysis. This has two advantages, one is through the data to find the surface can not be found, two is through the data can correctly guide the direction of work. But for a lot of data, we do not know how to analyze or how to summarize, today I talk to you about me and about data analysis of several small summary, we hope to help.

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Better than others how to successfully use Shanghai Longfeng others

Others such as "slow loading We all know that

1, numerous

in the past 2013, the content of the website construction and the user experience is the webmaster of the most mentioned factors, love from Shanghai to Scindapsus algorithm pomegranate algorithm, from the origin to the original algorithm spark plan, content quality and user experience has been heavy, I believe 2014 love Shanghai this momentum will only be on the increase, so to meet the the content of the website user demand will certainly is fundamental to successful web site, but how can continue to meet the needs of users of content construction must also be a trend of the future, because no matter what kind of promotion, the content is always the fashion.

is mainly to describe the unique scarcity of pages on the Internet, does not mean that there is no repetition of the main content of duplicate pages, we should evaluate the existence and content of site gain gain, only to repeat page amounts of no gain, we should recognize the scarcity degree is low. The quality of the page is a reflection of the degree of satisfaction of the demand. To determine the page quality, should be gradually from the most basic demand. It is not death, the website should have a certain degree of stability, access speed to satisfactory, the main content is complete, the layout and font is readable, various types of advertising will not be too much, the browsing experience is poor. When lifting page quality will tend to increase the added value of the page, so that the effect of gain, make the page more scarce. So here will be scarce and the quality of the page used to say.

page content rank is good, traffic is very obvious. Because many you can envy, will need to use the contents of it, if the audience is very small, not what traffic, why so good by others make an unnecessary move? The content of long standing in the front of the first page will be able to meet a demand value: many.

, you smooth this is your advantage; others such as the layout is very bad, wrong words,"

The success of

page content value mainly by the audience, scarcity, page quality and timeliness of the decision, the audience, scarcity, page quality, timeliness of the page content is good content can meet the user’s needs, following on from the several aspects to explain why the success of content from others and get the page content good value.



2, scarcity and quality of

many people see some good content rivals have been in the front row, get traffic and transformed into a large number, always envy, envy their rankings and flow, even a lot of people would think of good content with opponents, they can’t use it, otherwise it will repeat. Why envy? Why not? Wood Shanghai dragon that need to use, but also to take advantage of this, in the front row are readily available search engines love, user satisfaction with the content, why not use it. Next I will talk about why people can be successful for content.

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Analysis of the four aspects of website to uncover the true face of high weight website

      Web site weight, is actually a very difficult to define something, what kind of website can be said that it has a high weight, what kind of website is a website of the weight, of course, we can immediately determine the new station is a low weight website, though now the weight analysis tools, love stand the test weight, but according to my analysis on how much he included and the chain site is judged, some sites included and the chain is very large, for example, own a Taobao guest website, included up to 23500, there are more than 3000 backlinks, love the weight value of Shanghai reached 4, in fact, this is a new station, traffic is almost 50 IP or so, this judgment is too outrageous, I think the judgment website weight can from the following several aspects: a more accurate analysis of
>       ICO or

      keywords ranking is divided into popular keywords ranking and popular keyword ranking, just look at the keywords ranking can not determine how the site is a large, many websites, we found it the ranking is not what, this is because he keywords there are some popular keywords, even many websites do not write this keywords. This time we want to see is the website traffic, although we can’t see it but through traffic statistics, or tool can analyze a >

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Can not ignore the website speed how to correctly use the optimization strategy

for the website optimization, website speed is not able to ignore, but need to improve the optimization strategy is correct, as far as possible to enhance the site open speed, so as to effectively enhance website user satisfaction. The first to open the site speed related factors were analyzed, and then put forward the corresponding optimization strategy.

third, the number of pictures too much. Now many webmaster in site, love often eat a lot of pictures, think it will look very beautiful, if it is a content page, add a picture, pictures will effectively enhance the implementation of the readability of the content, but if the size of the picture is too large, it will affect the site open speed. Of course, the site will be the picture stack arrangement, but also did not use the segmentation technique, only when all of the pictures to download the page after that can see the content of the page, seriously affect the user’s reading. This hand can be compressed through PS images, so that >

second, website code. Now many webmaster is using the website system of website, the benefit of this approach is to increase the speed of website construction greatly, but unfortunately some station system redundancy construction site code too much, if the bandwidth of the site is high, the impact is not big enough, but if the bandwidth is relatively narrow, it will have a certain impact on the site open speed. However, for many novice webmaster, want to let them modify the redundant code is very difficult, after all, this will involve a variety of language website. But also need to read the script. So for this optimization if you need some professionals to do, of course, if the cost is too high, you can choose a very high quality station program to the station, so it can help to reduce redundant code website.

first, DNS analysis. Many webmaster do not care DNS parsing problem, the importance of actually parsing is still relatively high, if your host configuration is again high, if DNS can not reflect the real-time, so when the user on your site, it will spend a lot of time to resolve, and affect the site open speed, and even some websites are not open. So in order to solve this problem, you need to select a DNS analytical ability of the host, actually only need to select the brand high degree of enterprises can.

want to improve the user experience of the website, the key is the user can quickly open the corresponding web site, only in this way can effectively improve the user satisfaction. But many webmaster for website open speed is not a high degree of concern, because in their mind, want to enhance the open web speed is actually very simple, only need to upgrade the corresponding access bandwidth can be achieved, but everyone knows, bandwidth is high, the cost will be more expensive, but if you do not pay attention to some optimization strategies then, in the same bandwidth background, if your site is not optimized very well, so they are not rivals, it will obviously affect the website price.

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